ACW #605 – Superman

Action Comics Weekly #605 (Superman)
Writer – Roger Stern
Pencils – Curt Swan
Inks – John Beatty
Letters – Bill Oakley
Colors – Tom Ziuko
Editor – Mike Carlin


An officer witnesses the explosion that ended last week’s strip in the distance.  He heads toward “Ground Zero” and finds Superman dusting himself off… at which point, the Man of Steel… get this… recaps the story up to this point!  Ya kidding me?

As he continues his tale, the fella he’d saved from the baddies back in Action Comics Weekly #601 shows up, and… bows at Superman’s feet?!

Have I yawned yet?  Oh, above?  Okay… then I’ll try not to do that again.

As a dude who talks about comics online, I have little problem going on, at length, about stories I love… and stories I hate.  This Superman strip though… it’s just such a non-entity.  I mean, we’re a few dozen panels into this thing at this point… and we’re getting a recap?!  So little has happened so far… and including a recap all but guarantees that so little will happen this time out.

So, whatta we got?  The fella Superman saved… bows at his feet.

And… that’s it.


Tomorrow: The Secret (Six) origin of… that Bert Convy lookin’ dude.

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