eXLapsedination, Episode 2 – Extermination #1 (2018)

eXLapsedination, Episode Two

Extermination #1 (October, 2018)
“Extermination, Part One of Five”
Writer – Ed Brisson
Art – Pepe Larraz
Colors – Marte Gracia
Letters – VC’s Joe Sabino
Edits – Robinson, Shan, White, Cebulski
Cover Price: $4.99
On-Sale: August 15, 2018

After pressing through the “Countdown to”, we’re into the event miniseries proper!  It’s an issue with a couple of casualties (one notable… one, less so)… as well as an introduction of a character who looms large in our current Dawn of X landscape!

We’ll talk a lot (ie. project) about potential original plans for the original five… and what that might’ve meant for X-Men lore.  If the time-displaced crew were a) from the 616, and b) sent back to the past with the knowledge of everything that was yet to come… what might that have meant for our current-day continuity?

Could they have originally been intended as an in-story reboot mechanism for our mutant heroes?  Probably not… but, we’re going to have fun playing “What if…?” anyway!

I’d love to hear (and share) your hot-takes on this issue as well.  If you’ve got any, please don’t hesitate to send ’em in!  

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