NML Crossing

NML Crossing, Episode 009 – Blackgate: Isle of Men #1 (1998)

NML Crossing, Episode Nine

Batman: Blackgate-Isle of Men #1 (April, 1998)
“Isle of Men”
Writer – Doug Moench
Pencils – Jim Aparo
Inks – David Roach
Colors – Pat Garrahy
Letters – Clem Robins
Edits – Vincenzo, Peterson, O’Neil
Cover Price: $2.95

Taking a look at the first (of three) one-shots tying into the Cataclysm event and finding out what happens at 7:03pm when the Verybadthing happens… at a prison full of violent, dangerous, and angry fellas!  Believe it or not, a humanoid bat-figure gets his land legs back and figures into things!

Plus: a very special NMaiLbag!



One thought on “NML Crossing, Episode 009 – Blackgate: Isle of Men #1 (1998)

  • Chris U

    This was a good supplemental story. Not necessary in the least to understand the greater overall storyline, but a good story none the less. It was a good way to get completionists like me to pay $3 for a book that I didn’t need, yet still not feel cheated out of that $3.
    I’m betting this issue was not a part of those trades you bought.


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