X-Lapsed, Episode 344 – X-Force Annual #1 (2022)

X-Lapsed, Episode Three Hundred Forty-Four

X-Force Annual #1 (June, 2022)
“Lab Work”
Writer – Nadia Shammas
Art – Rafael Pimentel
Colors – Carlos Lopez
Letters – VC’s Joe Caramagna
Design – Tom Muller
Edits – Baumgartner, Basso, White, Cebulski
Cover Price: $4.99
On-Sale: April 6, 2022

A current year X-Annual that’s… worth reading?!  Are you kidding me?

Today we kick off our X-Force “double-header”, ushering in the Mutant CIA’s Destiny of X Era with a far better than expected Annual.  The Strike Force takes the fight to Orchis… and narrowly sidesteps Annual-itis, where they’re forced to face their weaknesses.

We get some fun banter between Beast and Emma Frost to boot!

Plus: The return of the MIGHTY X-Lapsed Mailbag!  It’s a good time, I hope you’ll join me!

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