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X-Lapsed Triple-Dip, Episode 11 – New Mutants by Ed Brisson, Volume 1

Triple-Dip New Mutants Brisson v1

X-Lapsed Triple-Dip, Episode Eleven

New Mutants by Ed Brisson, Volume 1 (2020)
(00:00:00) New Mutants (vol.4) #3: “To the Grave”
(00:34:29) New Mutants (vol.4) #4: “Fast and Furious”
(01:09:32) New Mutants (vol.4) #6: “Not as Hoped”
(01:40:09) New Mutants (vol.4) #8: “A-Hunting We Will Go”
(02:10:10) New Mutants (vol.4) #9: “Something Rotten In…”
(03:03:53) New Mutants (vol.4) #10: “Parasomnia”
(04:05:36) New Mutants (vol.4) #11: “Ice Cream Dreams”
(04:40:36) New Mutants (vol.4) #12: “Monster Machine”
Writer – Ed Brisson
Art – Flaviano Armentaro & Marco Failla
Colors – Carlos Lopez
Letters – VC’s Travis Lanham
Design – Tom Muller
Head of X – Hickman
Edits – Bissa, White, Cebulski
Cover Price: $19.99
On-Sale: December 2, 2020

That time we all bought the next issue of New Mutants… and weren’t sure if we were reading things in the right order!  Instead of a swashbuckling adventure in the stars with the Shi’ar… we were dropped on the Bohusk farm Nebraska with Armor, Glob, and a drunken Boom-Boom!

That’s not the only story we get here though!  We’ll also head off to draft Cosmar to the Krakoan Cause, as well as dealing with the weird anti-mutant tabloid web-site DOX… which, yer humble host was somewhat stupidly x-cited for!

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