Comix Tawk

Comix Tawk Boxset, Volume 1

Comix Tawk Boxset 1

Comix Tawk Boxset, Volume One

Chris and Reggie’s Comix Tawk, Episodes 1-6
(00:00:00) Episode One: Variant Covers
(00:43:15) Episode Two: Dreaded Deadline Doom
(01:33:49) Episode Three: No Sir, We Don’t Like it!
(02:48:40) Episode Four: Completionism, Collecting, and Addiction
(04:01:07) Episode Five: Decompression
(04:50:05) Episode Six: The Four Kinds of Fans

Sharing a compilation of a very special series of episodes. Comix Tawk was Reggie and my Patreon Exclusive program, in which we basically shot the breeze and recorded it. Well, it was a little bit more structured than that… but, it’s probably as “pure” Chris and Reggie as you’ll find.

Sharing them out here as I don’t know if many listeners had the opportunity (or interest) in checking them out before. For this set, we talk about several of the hot-button topics in the comics industry and fandom — the glut of variant covers, creators treating their deadlines as though they were optional, characters and concepts in comics that we don’t really care for, the “myth” of decompression, and a breakdown of the “Four Kinds of Fans” that exist!

I truly hope you enjoy!

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