The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode 43 – X-Men #33 (1967)

The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode Forty-Three

X-Men #33 (June, 1967)
"Into the Crimson Cosmos!"
Writer - Roy Thomas
Pencils - Werner Roth
Inks - John Tartaglione
Letters - Sam Rosen
Colors - The Crimson Crayon of Cyttorak
Edits - Stan Lee
Cover Price: 12¢

Into the Ruby Limbo of Cyttorak!

Today we wrap up our second Juggernaut arc by traveling INTO the Gem of Cyttorak itself… and facing off against the dread demonic Xorak.

Also, our Factor Three subplot continues to (slowly) bubble away.

Plus: Mutant Mail-Box, Bullpen Bulletins, Stan’s Soapbox, and much much more!


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