X-Lapsed, Episode 189 – Children of the Atom #2 (2021)

X-Lapsed, Episode One Hundred Eighty-Nine

Children of the Atom #2 (June, 2021)
“Prison Break”
Writer – Vita Ayala
Art – Bernard Chang
Colors – Marcelo Maiolo
Letters – VC’s Travis Lanham
Design – Tom Muller
Head of X – Hickman
Edits – Andrews Ballesteros, Robinson, White, Cebulski
Cover Price: $3.99
On-Sale: April 14, 2021

Two issues in, and the CoTA kids are already in repeats!

In this very similar to the first issue issue… the CoTAs face off against the Hell’s Belles… are approached by some Krakoans about going “home”… and stand longingly in front of the Coney Island Krakoan Gateway!

Hey, but the Avengers show up for two pages… so there’s that!

Plus: Great Mailbag, and a F.A. Comics History piece on the many, many, many appearances of The Hell’s Belles! 

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One thought on “X-Lapsed, Episode 189 – Children of the Atom #2 (2021)

  • Damien Drouet-Whiter

    You're not wrong in finding this issue repetitive but I felt a little more positive about this issue than you. Part of it is that my love for Vita Ayala's New Mutants means I'm definitely giving them the benefit of the doubt on this book. I'm willing to trust that this is going somewhere.

    I'm also on-board with Lila being older. She was always meant to be older than Sam and he and the rest of the New Mutants seem to be written as 30-ish now so it would make sense for Lila to be 50. Claremont really liked a creepy age gap romance see also Betsy and Cypher and Kitty and Peter. Weird!

    By the way I heard the COTA kids as Dakota Kids throughout the episode. I'm presuming it's a spin-off from that old Dakota North/Power Pack crossover. That was written by Terry Austin and drawn by Whilce Portacio so it's almost an x-book.

    Anyway until Mystique uses Flambe to burn this island down, Make Mine X-Lapsed!


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