X-Lapsed, Episode 069 – X-Force #9

X-Lapsed, Episode Sixty-Nine

X-Force (vol.6) #9 (May, 2020)
“The Moral Jungle”
Writer – Benjamin Percy
Art – Joshua Cassara
Colors – Dean White
Letters – VC’s Joe Caramagna
Design – Tom Muller
Head of X – Hickman
Edits – Robinson, White, Cebulski
Cover Price: $3.99
On-Sale: March 18, 2020

What’s (no longer) Eating Neena Thurman?

Today, after a short stint in [dead], we welcome Domino back to the X-Force fold — only, she’s a little bit different than last we left her.  For one, well – she’s alive, but for another – she’s no longer tormented by all of the things she suffered toward the end of her previous life.  We will be asking questions…

Also: More great listener mail… and a whole lot of my babbling!  It’s a fun show as usual, I hope you’ll decide to join us!

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One thought on “X-Lapsed, Episode 069 – X-Force #9

  • Damien Drouet-Whiter

    This issue blew me away. It's the first acknowledgement that someone is altering the resurrectees. Domino may not realise that she has been altered against her will but the other characters are noticing. My money is that it is Beast as the leader of X-Force who is telling Xavier/The Five that Domino wants her trauma removed. I can't imagine that Xavier is actually fully aware of what X-Force have been doing. This might also explain why Jean is not involved in this mission, maybe Beast wants to keep this secret from the Quiet Council.

    It's interesting to me that the mutant nightspot is launched in X-Force. It feels like more of a New Mutants kind of event. Joshua Cassara is really earning his place on the new Young Guns promotion here. He is topping himself every issue and is capable of anything. He is equally at home with horrific body horror as he is with a tiki bar. He's just fantastic.


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