ReMarvel, Episode 6: The X-Men and Me / Me and the X-Men

Remarvel, Episode 6

“The X-Men and Me / Me and the X-Men”

Well, it looks like “Legacy Blogger” is no longer an option (without jumping through some hoops)… and the new-look disaster has been foisted upon us.  When I tried accessing the dashboard and found the new bubbly, fake-ass-“app” looking interface, the eternal optimist in me hoped that maybe, just maybe… I’d now be able to go back to batch uploading images.  I hoped that today, in this very paragraph, I’d be able to report that the drought is over – that Blogger actually fixed what wasn’t broken before they started effing with it.

Not so much.  Looks like it’s the same ol’ same ol’.  I can upload as many images as I want… but, if I dare to actually insert one into an article… all the rest of them vanish, and have to be uploaded again.  There really has to be an easier way.  Am I the only idiot still using Blogger?

Today’s ReMarvel “oldie” is a fun off-the-cuff story of my life and times as an X-Fan.  These sort of shows were going to become a series… I had already done one over on the Chris is on Infinite Earths show, discussing my Superman fandom… and, had a lot of fun “stream of conscious-ing” down memory lane.  This sort of show still might become a “thing” on the channel… there are plenty of franchises that I have decades-long fandom of, chock-full of personal anecdotes and memories of.

These are really the sorts of stories/shows I enjoy hearing the most.  I feel as though tracing our fandom(s) shows how alike many of us comics enthusiasts really are.  They’re often relatable little ditties, and sometimes they might even surprise you.

Worth noting, if you’re viewing the site on desktop/laptop, I’ve started integrating the AUDIO ARCHIVES into the mix.  It’s not much to look at… in fact, it’s just a list of links.  For those on mobile, it looks like this:

There you can find most of the shows we (and I) have done over the past half-decade.  There are still a series or two that I’m working on archiving… but, I should be done with that before long.  I’m also in the process of updating the “cover art” for each episode of the Cosmic Treadmill, which is proving to be a much bigger time-investment than I’d anticipated.  I’m pretty happy with how it’s coming along though!

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