ReMarvel, Episode 4: X-Force #71 (1997)

One of the coolest parts of having a show where you inject a bit of your own personal history, is the ability it gives you to create a feeling of “continuity”.  Sometimes, during my droning anecdotes, I could “call back” to prior episodes to provide context or to reinforce a point.  Sometimes, one week I would just pick up where I left off the week before.  This episode is an example of the latter.

The episode before this, which I shared here yesterday, I talked about how I walked away from comics and the comics hobby for a little bit back in the mid-90’s.  With today’s episode, I get to tell ya how I found my way back.

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This is less a story about profundity… and more, one about a lonely and scared transplanted teenager who found himself returning to something familiar.  Something that made him feel comfortable.  It was a strange time in the comics biz… change was in the air, the speculators had moved on… and, I dunno… the industry just felt a bit more “humble”.  There was something endearing about that… which I detail during the episode.

The industry whose gimmickry had driven me away now had this odd earnestness about it.  I felt like it was now finally safe to “go home again”… though, my more addictive side would sort of inform how things went from here.

Speaking of “going home again”, I believe this episode opens with me talking about my then-recent trip back to New York… and, how disappointing my first New York bagel in 20 years was.  So, if you don’t mind sitting in for an audio version of a vacation slideshow, I think you might dig it.

To the future – Tomorrow’s a new (to most) Comix Tawk.  Next week I’m going to once again try the “New” version of Blogger… fingers crossed they’ve worked the bugs out.  If anyone reading is still using Blogger (either version), please let me know if you’re having the same challenges I am.

If Blogger is still a mess… I’m probably going to have to see about sliding over to WordPress (as much as that terrifies me).  If anyone has any WP advice (such as whether or not I get to keep my domain name), please hit me up.  Thanks.

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  • OverMaster

    As a Spanish speaker who can read and write English but can't understand spoken English as little more than foreign gibberish, I must say I simply cannot follow podcasts and the like. I hope text entries come back soon.


    Hope you get the blogger problem solved.


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