Chris is on Infinite Earths, Episode 19: Flashpoint #1 (2011)

Moments of Profundity, to me, are those weird “pivot points” in life.  Sometimes they’re clear… other times, you don’t realize how profound an event you experienced was until long after the fact.  They can overt… they can be benign.  Whatever the case, it’s due to these “moments” that our lives go the direction(s) they do.

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Yesterday I wrote a lot about “change”… and how a lot of times changes are sorta foist upon you.  You have no choice or control over the direction of your life.  We’ve all been there, and we all will be again at various points.  Today, we’re still discussing change, but a less passive sort.  This episode, if you choose to listen to it (which I hope you do, but you probably won’t), has to do with one of the biggest decisions and life-changes I made this past decade… and, no… that story has nothing to do with Flashpoint or The New-52!, I promise!

The Flashpoint #1 tie-in and discussion is simply due to the fact that I bought and read this comic book the same day where I experienced one of those “moments of profundity”.  The day I finally decided to go back to college… a decision that still affects me to this very day (and beyond).

While (tangentially) on the subject of “change”… I think we’re getting close the wrap-up point for this site.  Blogger (both versions) is still a disaster.  I’m still not a skilled enough writer to be concise and get a post written in under a couple of hours.  And, I’m pretty sure everybody has just “checked out” on me at this point.

There’s a lot of competition online for your ears and eyes… and I totally get why you’d rather spend your time elsewhere.  I feel sort of foolish for assuming people would actually care about the stuff I have to say… especially going on a half-decade of daily content.  Hell, I can’t even get my friends to share this stuff.  I guess my content just doesn’t have the same karma-farming “cache” as some others.  Can’t say that I blame them!

If you’re still here, I thank you.

3 thoughts on “Chris is on Infinite Earths, Episode 19: Flashpoint #1 (2011)

  • I'm still here; you're welcome.

  • I started out reading your blog because I liked old comics. I think that now I read it more because I like the guy writing it. I'm enjoying all the stuff you have been posting lately. If blogger is crapping out maybe it is time to move to a new platform. I hope that whatever you decide to do you do it because it is right for you and not because of what you hope the nameless faceless masses want from you.

    Just so you know I'm still working my way through the entire blog day by day just as you wrote it. Im up to May 6, 2016. I get to read 3 or 4 posts a day and intend to continue through to at least the Action Comics Weekly posts, which is when I started reading your blog daily.

  • Charlton Hero

    Yup..still here. No plans on going anywhere!


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