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Something a little different today… okay, a lot different.  As we approach the end of the month, I realized that the responsibility for the old Chris and Reggie Patreon account now falls to me.  We haven’t been putting out exclusive content for many months now… and so, every month, Reggie would “pause” the charges.  We didn’t want our loyal patrons to pay for content they weren’t getting.

When it came to Patreon, I never really knew how it worked… I’m the kind of guy who’s still scared of PayPal… so, e-commerce (if that’s even what this is) and I have always sort of been at odds.  That said, I knew the time was coming that the folks would be charged again… and I didn’t want that to happen… and so, I had to dig through my old laptop to try and procure our Patreon Password.

Spent much of the morning revisiting the old Patreon site… which, I don’t think I’ve looked at (or had access to) in many months.  I successfully “unlaunched” the page, which hopefully stops the fine folks from being charged.  I also downloaded all of our exclusive audio to repurpose on the main Chris and Reggie feed at a later date.  And, also… came across some bits of Chris and Reggie History, including a short piece I wrote discussing the evolution of our Cosmic Treadmill Logo.

Since this is an important piece of our history, and the next reflection-piece I planned to write was more Cosmic Treadmill focused, I thought it would be nice to include it here.

Hello friends!

By now, many of you are enjoying your Cosmic Treadmill pins… and I thought now would be as good a time as any to share some of our earlier logo concepts.

Long time listeners will no doubt remember our original “cover art”.

It was quick and dirty… but did the job just fine.  From there, we tried to think of ways to incorporate the letters “C T” into the artwork… and, came up with the idea that the C and T, when stylized… could look a little bit like the belt of a Treadmill.  And so, brainstorming began!

In case the chicken-scratch isn’t clear enough (because, it might not be!) that’s a little man running on the “CT” treadmill.  From here, we handed over the concept to an artist friend, Jef Caine, who came back to us with:

A great little image… but, the running fella might’ve been just a little bit too familiar to that… other guy… who uses a Cosmic Treadmill.  And so, we tried to “genericize” it a bit, while adding a microphone in lieu of the treadmill “monitor” 

I think we realized this might have been a little *too* generic, and so… we decided to go with just the familiar “treadmill” portion of the image.

One thought on “Reggie and Me – Anatomy of a Logo

  • I never pay much attention to logos. They are there and some are cool. I never considered the process that would have to go into creating a successful logo. Cool behind the scenes post.


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