BIZARRO BREAK #5 – Chameleon Boy

BIZARRO BREAK #5 (Chameleon Boy)
“Where’s Proty?”
Writer – Abe Foreu
Art – James Kochalka
Colors – Matt Madden
Edits – Joey Cavalieri

Today’s #BizarroBreak is one’a them “good news, bad news” situations.  I’ve had a few folks request some Legion-centric material be covered here… and, while I don’t quite have the time to go “all-in” on the Legion of Super-Heroes… I do have the time to talk about this one time where Chameleon Boy tried giving Proty a bath!


We open with Chameleon Boy on the hunt for Proty.  Ya see, it’s bath-time, and the little glob of putty is hiding.  Chameleon Boy tells Cosmic Boy about his hunt, to which we learn that Saturn Girl is currently occupying the shower.  Ehh, no worries, Proty’s so small he can be scrubbed in the sink.  Cosmic Boy reveals that, boy howdy, Proty’s been stinky of late.

The pair of Legionnaires try and track down the blob… and think they’ve found him disguised as a “suspicious” lamp (the worst kind of lamp)!

Turns out, nah… it’s actually just Lightning Lad’s new lamp.

We shift scenes to the bathroom, where Saturn Girl has just emerged from the tub.  She immediately reaches for her hair dryer and plugs it in. Uh-oh!  Looks like Proty was disguised as that very same hair dryer… and gets quite the shock.

We wrap up with Chameleon Boy finally givin’ the blob a scrub.

Oh man, how much silly fun was this?

It’s just a funny little vignette, about the challenges in giving a reluctant blob of protoplasm a bath.  No end-of-the-world stakes… heck, not even “dinner is ruined” stakes.  But, a whole lot of fun… and once again, the #BizarroBreak proves to be a wonderful little palette cleanser.

I can’t find a whole heckuva lot regarding Abe Foreu… all I’m able to come across is… well, this story.  Could’a sworn I’ve read his name before though.  Well, I’ve been wrong before.  Across the table, we’ve got James Kochalka, whose work I’ve long admired.  It has that weird, for lack of a better term, “simplicity” to it… that, is almost too perfect?  Does that make sense?  Maybe not.  Hopefully you get my meaning.  It’s really fun stuff.  Certainly wouldn’t mind covering more stories from him!

Tomorrow: Something completely different, as we say: Happy Birthday, Superman!

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