Adam Strange Holiday Special ’09

DC Universe Holiday Special ’09 (Adam Strange)
“Auld Lang Syne”
Writer – Shannon Eric Denton
Pencils – Nick J. Napolitano
Inks – Dan Green
Colors – Allen Passalaqua
Letters – John J. Hill
Editors – Adam Schlagman & Eddie Berganza

Merry Christmas Eve, Friends!

Today we (finally) wrap this over-long issue up with a story starring everyone’s soon-to-be favorite character of all time… who, as it’ll turn out… will always have been everyone’s favorite character of all time… but we just all forgot until Tom King reminded us!

I’ll take the bullet here, and go on record as stating I couldn’t give a flying fig about Adam Strange.  So, I’m not one of those people who have already rated the upcoming series a 10 outta 10!

Anyhoo, we wrap up our Holiday journey with… not a Christmas (or even Hanukkah) story… but one about New Year’s Eve!

We open with Adam Strange arriving back on Earth ready to spend New Year’s Eve with his wife and daughter.  Only problem there is, no sooner does he get back than he’s called into action… fighting some laughable demon critter.  When he finishes up with that one… several more threats start popping up on his radar… and so, he’s in for a very busy night.

Adam arrives at the location where he was supposed to meet with his family, and laments the fact that he’d missed ringing in the New Year… only, it’s just 9:31 P.M…. so, he didn’t?  I mean, dude’s got a watch, right?  How would he not know?  Anyhoo… Alanna greets him and they kiss in front of their daughter.  The End?

Well, that was something…

Since it was Adam Strange, should I get a jump on 2020 and just rate it 10/10 without providing any examples as to why I feel that way?  Tom King outta retweet that, right?  Ehh, maybe not.

This was a page-filler… and not a great one, at that.  Adam has a busy night… and suddenly forgets how to read his watch?  That’s literally the whole story.  As with the rest of the lackluster offerings in this Holiday Special, the art is very nice.  I guess that’s what I’m gonna hang my hat on here.  Nice art!

Tomorrow: Wrapping the entire special up in sparkly paper with a bow.  It’s Christmas!

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