Angel & the Ape Holiday Special ’09

DC Universe Holiday Special ’09 (Angel & the Ape)
Story & Art – Andrew Pepoy
Colors – Paul Mounts
Letters – Travis Lanham
Editors – Adam Schlagman & Eddie Berganza

Now for something completely different… a “quickie” with Angel and the Ape!  This is also probably the shortest “feature” we ever looked at here one the blog… not for long though, I’m pretty sure we’ve got another one-pager coming up this week!

Let’s do it.

Angel and the Ape are collecting for needy children outside the local community center.  Some uptight (assumedly) rich fella walks by and claims to be far too busy to give to the tots.

And so, Sam engages in some raucous “kong-speak” to scare the fella into handing over wads of folding-money… and everything’s hunky-dory.

Wow, that was quick… still had more story than many of those Superman two-pagers we looked at during Action Comics Daily though!  I kid, I kid… mostly.

I thought this was fine… mostly for the art.  Okay, almost completely for the art.  Feels like just a way to pad the story count here.  I mean, if you were to look at the Table of Contents page on this bad-boy (which I’ll include in our compilation piece)… you’d think you were getting hundreds of pages of Holiday Cheer!  And yes, this Angel and the Ape page is listed as a “story” on that Table of Contents!

I’ll give Pepoy one thing… he resisted the urge to include a Hostess Cakes “joke” at the end of this.  I swear, in the thirty-seconds it took for me to read this, I’d could’a bet money there’d be some weak-sauce cheap-heat Hostess reference at the end of it!  It just had that sort of tone/feel to it.  Glad it didn’t go that way!

Overall… this was fine… fun… and darned pretty to look at.  Not bad!

Tomorrow: The first (of two) war-themed Holiday stories!

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  • Chris U

    Totally off subject, but i would buy a complete collection of those old Hostess Superhero ads. Trade or Hardcover. I really loved those things


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