ACW #638 – Superman

Action Comics Weekly #638 (Superman)
“The Power Within”
Editor – Mike Carlin
Colors – Tom Ziuko
Letters – Bill Oakley
Inks – Murphy Anderson
Pencils – Curt Swan
Writer – Roger Stern
Special Thanks – Tom Peyer

It’s Superman Day… and it might just be the last time we gotta slog through with the Fellowship!  Fingers crossed, right?

Darkseid does his thing to the Consortium geeks, and explains to Superman that he’s only here to follow up on his little experiment.  Then, he vanishes!  Superman feels pretty bad about not being able to save those Consortium guys…

… to which, the lead-lady of the Fellowship (whose name escapes me), is totally fine with Darkseid wiping them out… considering that the Consortium was responsible for the raid (and subsequent massacre) of the Fellowship that we witnessed back in “flashback land”.

Superman tries to set her straight… including stifling another attempt at referring to him as “Holy One”.  He then gives her the lay of the land… ya know, Darkseid gave them the power… and in so doing, took away some of their free will.  He continues to lecture them for awhile before flying away.

The woman (Tierra!) laments the fact that they have been foresaken, to which… our old creepy friend, Bob Galt suggests that Superman did not abandon them… he freed them.  Fair enough?

Man… could this be the last time we have to see Bob Galt and the Fellowship?!  That’s not a rhetorical question, folks… this is me begging and pleading with whoever’s in charge for this to be the end of ’em!

It’s kind of “out with a whimper” though, innit?  I mean, we’ve spent 38 weeks, and 76 pages building to this scene… and, it’s kind of a cop-out, right?  Just a lecture, a lesson-learned… and that’s it?  Blech.  Not worth the build… and yet, somehow… this is one of the only things from Action Comics Weekly that DC Comics bothered to collect in trade paperback?  I know the company is known for making some of the dumbest decisions in entertainment (hello, 2020!), but… why would you waste the paper, electricity, and man-power collecting this?!

Least it looks good.

Tomorrow: Dee found her thrill, on Capitol Hill

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