ACW #611 – Superman

Action Comics Weekly #611 (Superman)
“… Beyond Mortal Men!”
Writer – Roger Stern
Pencils – Curt Swan
Inks – John Beatty
Letters – Bill Oakley
Colors – Tom Ziuko
Editor – Mike Carlin

What lingers inside the head of Mr. Galt?  Let’s find out…

We pick up inside of Galt’s mental projection.  He, Clark, and the Chief are observing “The Fellowship”, a California-based Collective that worships Superman.  Clark gives Galt the ol’ x-ray once over to ensure he’s not wearing a projection device… meaning, as far as we can tell… these powers are “natural”.

So, The Fellowship is bowed before Superman in a sort of ritualistic state.  They are hoping to be gifted with superpowers… and, check it out, some of ’em are!

Then, a Laser Tag Club shows up and starts blasting away at Fellowship members.  They fight back, but lose half of their number.  Clark looks on, and begins to fume at the carnage… he wonders just who was behind this attack!

Well, it looks like the ante has just been “upped”.

Before getting into the carnage, I wanna address one thing that jumped out at me.  Superman waited until right now to give Galt the x-ray once over?  I mean, he didn’t check him out before bailing him out of police custody?  You’d figure that’d be the first thing he’d do?  Then again, this story also featured him destroying a train instead of just swooping a fella off the tracks… so it seems, he’s not thinking too clearly.

The attack on the Fellowship?  It’s… interesting.  Galt claims that this all went down a month ago, which kinda begs the question as to how zero members of the superhero community had any idea… but, we’ll allow it.  The geeks who committed the act though?  Ay yai yai, I’ve seen less nerdy looking outfits in Laser Tag commercials!

I guess we’ll see where this is headed.  I will say, though silly, this Superman feature is improving by the week!

Tomorrow: Welcome to the lineup… Catwoman!

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