ACW #607 – Deadman

Action Comics Weekly #607 (Deadman)
“Escape From Hell”
Writer – Mike Baron
Pencils – Dan Jurgens
Inks – Tony DeZuniga
Letters – Steve Haynie
Colors – Liz Berube
Editor – Barbara Randall

After an especially strong chapter last week, Deadman and D.B. are about to try and climb their way out of Hell… 

… and that’s all I got.  So, here’s a picture of a mini-pizza I made for the wife the other night.

This pizza is special for its crust.  In the interest of… well, not piling on too many calories, it’s made only of Self-Rising Flour and Greek Yogurt.  I’ll throw the quick-n-dirty recipe down below.

We open with Deadman and D.B. Cooper climbing up that great big mountain from last week.  D.B. suggests Deadman keep his eyes forward… because if he looks down, and winds up falling… he’d break all of his bones.  Hell-logic!  He also warns not to speak with the “Old Man in the Cave”.  They stop for a quick break, and Boston discovers a pitcher of Cherry Kool-Aid!  Well, it’s actually a “face ripper” in disguise.  Oddly, Deadman complains that he’s “dying of thirst”… which, I dunno… didn’t think he ate or drank (he had trouble during Brightest Day!).

They get back to climbing, and come to a plateau.  Boston is overjoyed to find… and elevator!  Well, that doesn’t seem right, does it?  From the elevator emerges O-Sensei!  D.B. warns that it’s actually the Old Man in the Cave in disguise… but, Brand decides to chat him up anyway.

The discussion becomes… confusing.  I mean, really confusing… lots of double-talk and weirdness.  Evidently, for every one-person who entered Hell via the Sumerian Jug… one may leave… or something.  From here, it’s revealed that D.B. Cooper is actually O-Sensei… who is actually the Old Man in the Cave.  He was using Deadman to gain egress from Hell… I guess?  Whaa–?

Deadman fights D.B.-nee-Sensei-nee-Old Man in the Cave, and winds up kicking him off the cliff to his… I dunno… further demise?  He then turns his attention to the elevator attendant O-Sensei.

And winds up kicking him off the cliff too!

We wrap up with the reemergence of D.B. Cooper… who reveals that he was the Old Man in the Cave?  What the heck…?

What in the…?

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… I can be a pretty dense fella.  Even after reading through this three times, I’m still not quite sure what it was all about!

I’m guessing that Deadman is being put through some trials… but, that’s really it.  D.B. is there to help/guide him… but, he’s also the same guy who he warned Boston not to talk to?  Did Vince Russo book this issue?!  I mean, just look at this word balloon…

“Then you say you’re not!”  “Now you say you’re not!”  Isn’t that the same thing?!  I dunno, gang… this one didn’t really work for me.  Hopefully next week we’ll be able to make better sense of this.


Okay, like I said in the pre-ramble, this pizza crust is made from only two-ingredients.  If you ever look around for recipes online, you’ve probably heard of the “two-ingredient dough”.  It’s pretty popular these days.  Remember it’s Plain (non-fat) Greek Yogurt and Self-Rising Flour.  Apparently FAGE has the least yogurty twang to it.

For this pizza, I generally go with 1/2 cup of each… though, you could use as much as you want… it’s a simple 1:1 recipe, though, as you’ll see, we’ll be leaving some flour behind.

It really doesn’t look like dough, does it?  I tell ya, the first time you try this (if’n ya do), it will feel like the strangest thing ever… and for the first 20-30 seconds of kneading, you’ll probably be sure that this mixture is bound for the garbage can.  But, keep at it…

It’ll eventually come together.  I find it’s easiest to cover as much of it with flour before kneading commences, otherwise, you’ll be in for a stickier endeavor.  From here, you’ll want to wrap the dough-ball in saran wrap…

… and toss it in the fridge for like a half hour or so.  I’ll sometimes make it early in the day, and let it sit in the fridge for a few hours.

After chilling, spread the dough out on a pan.  I use this ventilated one, that I hit with some’a that non-stick spray.

From here, ya just do what you’d normally do with pizza.  I generally make my own sauce… I find that anytime I get “pizza sauce” or even Marinara, I generally have to add a bunch of spices to it anyway… so, might as well save myself the sugar and salt of the pre-made stuff.

Toss it in a 375-oven for around twenty minutes… and bada-bing, you’re good to eat.  The wife loves it, and I have to take her word for it… because, I dunno… I can’t get past the idea that there’s Yogurt in the crust!  If anyone gives this a try, lemme know how it comes out!

Tomorrow: Wild Dog gets winged!

4 thoughts on “ACW #607 – Deadman

  • Charlton Hero

    This Deadman feature is basically DOA…but darn
    .that Pizza dough formula looks amazing!!

    • The wife loves it! I gotta take her word for it though, I'm not sure I could eat it knowing that there's yogurt in there! There's just something about the word "yogurt"… blech

  • Jeremiah

    This is the kind of wackiness I like in a dead man story (not that Kool-Aid thirsty joke, that was terrible) but the rest of it was pretty good. I'm still digging the fact that D.B Cooper is in the story, even it if is not really D.B. Cooper.

    • Haha, the Kool-Aid gag was pretty "out there"… especially considering that when Deadman came to life during Brightest Day, his actually being hungry was a new and unfamiliar sensation to him.

      I'm still on board with the D.B. Cooper thing… just such a nutty reference, and I gotta imagine that (pre-internet) a lot of readers of the time didn't even know who was being referenced!


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