Teen Titans (vol.3) #35 (2006)

Teen Titans (vol.3) #35 (June, 2006)
“The New Teen Titans, Part 2”
Writer – Geoff Johns
Penciller – Tony S. Daniel
Inker – Kevin Conrad
Colorists – Richard & Tanya Horie
Letterer – Travis Lanham
Assistant Editor – Jeanine Schaeffer
Editor – Eddie Berganza
Cover Price: $2.50

This one might be a bit light on the analysis… by the time you’re reading this (if you’re reading this on the day it’s put out), I’m somewhere back on the East Coast.  Got a big family thing back home… it’s sure to be a busy weekend!

Now, for the comic… Did somebody say Doom Patrol?  Yes… we did, yesterday!  Gar Logan’s back with the band… let’s see how this shakes out!

We open at the headquarters of… the Doom Patrol!  Our old friend Gar Logan is chatting up the newest Doomie, Vox.  We know him better as the Hornblower… or the Herald… or the Guardians… or Mal… it’s Mal Duncan, by the way… only now he can’t talk lest he blow out Beast Boy’s eardrums.  They see that they’ve got a voicemail, and Gar is overjoyed to see that his pal Vic Stone is back among the living.

Back at Titan’s Tower, Robin’s latest attempt to reclone Superboy is… unsuccessful.  Defeated, he heads back to his room… and soon finds himself mounted by his new teammate Rose Wilson!  She’s nekkid annnnd a little bit drunk, by the way.

Suddenly there’s an intruder.  This interloper uses an outdated security password (Jericho) which triggers an alarm to sound,  The New-New Titans all head into the war room to see who’s invaded.  It’s totally Wonder Girl, by the way… and she and Ravager proceed to beat the hell out of each other.

Cyborg breaks in and is able to separate the furious females.  Wendy and Marvin pop their geeky heads in to survey the damage.  As care-keepers of Titan’s Tower, repair and upkeep is going to fall to them.

Later that night, Ravager sorta “teases” Kid Devil.  It seems like he’s got the “hots” (pun!) for her.

Back in the war room, Vic, Cassie and Robin talk strategy.  She’s looking for information on the Brotherhood of Evil (who had recently destroyed Bludhaven).  Also, it turns out that the Blastocyst Map they had stolen has something to do with cloning… hmm.

We shift scenes to the Brotherhood causing some some trouble in New York City.  Before long, the Titans arrive on the scene.  After a few pages of pretty even fighting, Plasmus grabs Kid Devil… and burns his chest.

While the Titans attend to their fallen member, the Brotherhood escapes.  EMTs arrive on the scene… while Eddie babbles incoherently about “phone calls”.  Ravager appears to be especially torn up over this.  The EMT’s are called off, however, as some specialists in the bizarre arrive… hold on to your hats, it’s the Doom Patrol!

A fine “bridging” issue… putting more pieces in place to move the story forward.

Some pretty good character work here… I appreciate the fact that Cassie is still at-odds with the team, and while she’s almost immediately swept back in their world here, there’s still a discomfort… and plenty of contention.

The battle with the Brotherhood is pretty boilerplate until poor Eddie gets his lung crushed by Plasmus.  He mentions something about a phone call… something that will pay off a bit later.  The fight scene wasn’t so long that I felt like it overstayed its welcome… and it did facilitate the next stage of this arc.

We’ll discuss more about our “guest stars” tomorrow, as we pay their headquarters a visit.

Sorry for the brevity today… we’ll hit up more analysis later on!

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