Action Comics #992 (2018)

Action Comics #992 (January, 2018)
“The OZ Effect, Aftermath: Aftereffects”
Story – Dan Jurgens
Script – Rob Williams
Art – Will Conrad
Colors – Hi-Fi
Letterer – Rob Leigh
Assistant Editor – Andrea Shea
Editor – Paul Kaminski
Group Editor – Eddie Berganza
Cover Price: $2.99

It’s been awhile since we covered something recent on the humble blog.  I was actually considering taking a look at Doomsday Clock, however, even after two reads… I’m still not quite sure what I think of it.

Sooo… let’s talk the latest Action Comics instead.  Since this is still on the shelves, I’ll endeavor to be a bit less “spoilery” if I can help it.

We open at the Fortress of Solitude where Superman recounts everything he’d recently learned about Mr. Oz… and his father Jor-El.  He’s still having trouble believing that they were one and the same.  He cross-references the information with Kelex… then has a bit of a breakdown.  If his father was so easily corrupted, what does that mean for him?

He smashes up his “little table”, an act witnessed by an arriving Batman.  They chat about both of their recent run-ins with their fathers… and it feels like we’re really ramping up to Doomsday Clock.  They can’t talk long, however, as Superman hears a boat full of refugees in need of help.

Back in Metropolis, Perry White is stomping around the floor of the Daily Planet looking for Clark Kent.  Lois covers for him… but it doesn’t look like the Chief is necessarily buying it.

Lois heads out to the roof, where luckily enough, Superman has just arrived.  They discuss recent revelations, and some questions about the goodness of humanity are raised.  Before they can go too deep, Hal Jordan shows up to spirit the heroes to Mogo.  There, they watch Tomar Re’s records of the destruction of Krypton to see if a second ship escaped the boom.  Green Lantern fans will remember that Tomar Re was the Lantern of Krypton’s Sector… and he was unable to save the doomed planet.  Upon watching, they find that the file has been corrupted!

After a stop back in Metropolis, Superman heads to the Justice League Watchtower.  He plans to take a trip on the Cosmic Treadmill to witness Krypton’s destruction himself… firsthand!

At the moment he zooms away, a Time Bubble arrives!  It’s… Booster Gold!  And it looks like he got there just a second too late.

Full disclosure, The OZ Effect left me kinda cold.  Felt like for all the build up, we got little in the way of resolution.  Not sure why I expected more out of it… maybe it was the constant coverage and hype online.  Though, to be fair, that was more for the lenticular covers than the actual story/reveal.  Such a sorry state our comics “press” is in, ain’t it?

As an epilogue, however, this was a great issue!

Ever since the big reveal at the end of DC Universe Rebirth, we’ve gotten precious little (in story) to move that forward.  We had the four-part The Button storyline… but, other than that… not a whole lot.  This issue is the first time it really feels like things are converging… and it all appears to be heading somewhere.  Time anomalies are central to this plot… and they’re finally moving into the forefront.

I was tickled to see a nod to Tomar Re’s (non)involvement in the day Krypton died.  Anytime old/real DC continuity is mentioned, I’m down with it.  I guess I’m pretty easy to “pop”.

Speaking of DC history… Booster Gold!  If I’m not mistaken, this is the first real Booster “sighting” since Rebirth began… Hell, it might be the first since… Convergence?  He’s always a welcome sight… and I’m definitely looking forward to seeing how this time-travel story plays out.

Overall… perhaps the best chapter of The OZ Effect… and it wasn’t even an official installment!  Things feel like they’re ramping up… and with Doomsday Clock going on, and Action Comics #1000 on the horizon… this is a pretty fun time to follow the Super-books.

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