Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn II #4 (1991)

Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn II #4 (July, 1991)

“90 Days, Part IV: The Will to Power”
Writers – Keith Giffen & Gerard Jones
Pencils – M.D. Bright
Inks – Romeo Tanghal
Letters – Albert De Guzman
Colors – Anthony Tollin
Assistant Editor – Kevin Dooley
Editor – Andy Helfer
Cover Price: $1.00

Still chugging along through Emerald Dawn II.

If you need to catch up, you can do so herehere, and here!

As we ended the last chapter, Hal and Sinestro had made it to Korugar where Sinestro was expecting the hero’s welcome… they were both rather surprised to find that rather than having rose petals dropped at their feet, they’ve got laser beams aimed at their heads!

We’re not the only ones observing this scene.  From behind a monitor we see that Katma-Tui is also looking on, and she is joined by one of the alien leaders Hal and Sin ran into during chapter two’s summit.  We get the impression that the Korugarians don’t quite see Sinestro as a god… but, more as a tyrant.

Hal and Sinestro hold their own pretty well against the Korugarian forces until something inside Sinestro appears to snap.  He believes that his people must be under some sort of mind-control or have been corrupted by chaos, and completely loses his cool!

Hal is taken aback at Sinestro’s ruthless assault on his own people and attempts to restrain him from causing any mortal damage.  The two bicker back and forth, Sinestro blaming Hal for what’s going down.  He believes if his focus wasn’t on training the rookie Lantern, he would have been their to save his people from the chaos corruption.

With Sinestro appropriately restrained, Hal tells him he’d summoned other Corps members to help subdue the Korugarian riot.  Well, this is absolutely not what Sinestro wanted to hear.  He bursts free from his restraints and redoubles his offense, now completely focused on Hal.

Sinestro manages to get the upper hand, and puts Hal in a devastating choke.

Luckily for Hal, Sinestro’s head isn’t quite in the game.  He is able to break free and pop Sin with a ring-blast.  This causes Sinestro to believe himself as a victim of chaos corruption, and as such… does a little twirl and an Ole pose?


In all seriousness, Hal is able to take Sinestro down and talk some sense into him.  Sinestro pleads with Hal that they must leave Korugar at once.  Without truly thinking it through, Hal agrees.  We see that he almost immediately regrets his decision as it only makes the pair look guilty… as sin.

Back on Earth, Gentleman Will is recuperating from his recent shivving.  He is joined by Guy Gardner, who is trying to get him to spill the beans on his attacker(s).  Will knows what happens to stoolies in the joint, and remains silent.  Guy gives a disappointed “whattayagonnado?” shrug and takes his leave. 

Back on Korugar, Katma-Tui is addressing the masses.  They are cheering the end of tyrannical Green Lantern rule on their planet.  It’s becoming more and more clear that these folks only held Sinestro up as a deity because they feared what he would do if they didn’t.

During her address, the rest of the Green Lantern Corps arrives on the scene.

After a brief skirmish, Lantern Tomar-Re is able to convince Katma that they mean the Korugarians no harm… in fact, they’re there to help them.  The Lanterns see the Sinestro shrines-a’plenty, and express concern that he just might have overstepped his authority.

Before we wrap up, we check in with the zzzzzzz…. Guardians.  They are not happy with the events of the day, and decide they must track down the pair of errant Green Lanterns… Sinestro and Hal Jordan.  To do so, they call in the (Guy Gardner uniform bedecked) Fists of the Guardians!

Well, we’re four issues in and I have mixed thoughts on this one.  First, it’s a space story… and in my last review, I discussed my relative disinterest in space stories.  That having been said, it was an engaging space story.  I enjoyed it for the most part, however, I’m still a bit conflicted.

A lot went down this issue, and it still kinda felt like it dragged.  I really can’t explain it… it’s certainly not decompressed… so it’s not that.  Maybe I’m just comparing it to the issues that came before.  But, again… I did like it.

I’m interested to see what’s up with these Fists of the Guardians.  Their armor having the design of the (now) classic Guy Gardner Lantern uniform is intriguing.  I gotta wonder if we’re gonna get Guy in green by the end of this series.

We also find out that… shock of shocks, a man named Sinestro (as in sin and sinister) isn’t all that great a guy.  They should really put spoiler alerts in super villain names!  Sinestro’s a great bad guy, so I can’t complain… I just wonder how the all-knowing Guardians would ever think he’d be one of the good guys.  I really like that Hal is portrayed as headstrong, yet a bit naive.  He knows he shouldn’t be following Sinestro off Korugar… yet does anyway.  I enjoy a conflicted Hal Jordan.

As with the past three issues, words and art are top notch.  I received a comment earlier today about how the covers of these issue don’t do proper justice to the interior art, and I totally have to agree.  I think the covers for the first and fourth issues are amazing, striking, and memorable… but the second and third are a bit ehhh.  Interiors always deliver, however… this is such a fun book to both read and look at!

Really enjoying this series.  We’re going to return to our discussion and review of it this weekend.  Tomorrow we’re got a special.  We’re gonna be staying green… but there won’t be a Lantern in sight…

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