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DC Direct Currents #53 (1992)

DC Direct Currents #53 (August, 1992)

I do so hate to generalize… however, I feel as though comic book fans, especially those who are tied to the more physical and tangible aspects of the hobby (read: not digital) may possibly, maybe, sorta, kinda have… pack-rat tendencies.

There is an entire room in my home dedicated to my comics addic… collection.  The room is packed so full I actually find myself fearing the structural strength and integrity of the second story of my house.

While 99-point-something percent of the collection hoard is comics, trades, and manga there is that point-whatever percent that consists of the odd comics ephemera that I just can’t bear to part with for one reason or another.  I’ve got the Official DC Comics cookbook, Lex2000 campaign pins, Lantern rings, dolls, hundreds of Previews catalogs and Wizard Magazines dating back to the early nineties, hundreds of Comic Shop News pamphlets, and… as we’ll begin to look at today, a decent trove of DC Direct Currents freebies.

The Direct Currents freebies were among the first things I’d ever gotten from a comic book store for free.  Back in the early-nineties, it seemed as though everything had a price.  My local shop even charged a monthly fee to keep a hold-box… could you imagine that today?  Today, hold-boxes usually come with a semi-significant discount on your purchases…

For me it is always fun to revisit old comics news and solicitations.  It serves as something of a time capsule.  I hope others enjoy this as well.

I do remember being mighty excited for The Hacker Files.  Never actually read it though.  That cover looked so high-tech in 1992.  Oddly prescient as well… is that a tablet in the bottom right?

One thought on “DC Direct Currents #53 (1992)

  • I loved Direct Currents as a kid–I never saved them, though, I cut then up for collages and so I could tape my favorite pictures to the covers of my school notebooks and binders.

    (No, I was not exactly one of the cool kids.)

    As I recall, the Hacker Files was not great. The fact that I don’t remember a single thing about it beyond owning it should say enough.


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