Random DC Comics Discussion & Reviews

This blog is an attempt at practicing/maintaining my writing “prowess” and affords me the opportunity to procrastinate on my schoolwork and discuss some of my favorite, not so favorite, and just randomly chosen DC Comics issues, stories, and characters.

Most of the stories I will be discussing are in that nebulous “did they ever even happen?” miasma that is pre-Flashpoint (and in some cases, pre-Crisis) DC lore.

Anyway, just looking at having a bit of fun, and revisiting some classics from my youth in a place I will probably shortly neglect and that likely nobody will ever stumble across.  If somehow you have, I hope you enjoy.

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UPDATE: May 7, 2023

Following a less-than-successful transition over from Blogger to WordPress during the Summer/Fall of 2021, I’m finally getting around to “remastering” the oldies so that they’re readable AND “findable”!

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