Action Comics Daily Appendix, Episode 1 – Action Comics Weekly #601 (1988)

Action Comics Weekly Appendix, Episode One

Action Comics Weekly Preview (1988)
Action Comics Weekly #601 (April 5, 1988)
Green Lantern: “… And the Pain Shall Leave My Heart”
Wild Dog: “Moral Stand, Chapter One: Point of Order”
Secret Six: “Listening to the Mockingbird”
Superman: “Faster Than a Speeding Bullet!”
Deadman: “The Section Chief”
Blackhawk: “Another Fine War”
Writers – Jim Owsley, Max Collins, Martin Pasko, Roger Stern, Mike Baron, & Mike Grell
Art – Gil Kane, Terry Beatty, Dan Spiegle, Curt Swan, Dan Jurgens, & Rick Burchett
Letters – Albert DeGuzman, Gaspar, Carrie Spiegle, Bill Oakley, & Steve Haynie
Edits – Denny O’Neil, Mike Gold, Dick Giordano, Mike Carlin, & Barbara Randall

Is that idiot REALLY talking about Action Comics Weekly again?

Yes, I am!  Welcome, folks to the preview episode of the Patreon-first Action Comics Daily Appendix, wherein I will be translating my year-long written trek through Action Comics Weekly into an audio format, with particular attention and care paid to the Letters Pages.

In this Frankenstein’s Monster of a first episode, I introduce the concept, we discuss the Retailer Preview, and all of the first chapters from ACW #601.  Plus, some relevant pro-mag ephemera from the long-ago, and a welcome missive from Senior Editor, Mike Gold!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on ACW as we work our way through!

One thought on “Action Comics Daily Appendix, Episode 1 – Action Comics Weekly #601 (1988)

  • Chris, I can't tell you how many times you're going to really screw up in your life, so save all your feeling bad for those instances and don't sweat not fully appreciating a bunch of dull two-pagers of Supes. For the Secret Six, I don't think it would matter not knowing the people if the writing was better. Getting new readers to care about six obscure characters via weekly mini chapters is a tough ask for any writer and it might've been better to worry less about their introduction and more on focusing initially on a catchy story with the character info being brought into later chapters. I only bought one of these as a kid from the quarter bin and its Secret Six chapter about a murderer trying to escape from the team in a slaughterhouse was the only segment that made me wonder what happened in the other issues. I think Deadman was on the cover awash in a wave of fire behind him. His story bored me and has been forgotten from my mind. The only other segment I remember was the one for GL when Hal casually creates a sentient cartoon elephant to sit on a perp's lap at a police station. That one stuck with me because time after time I've seen the Green Lanterns struggle against villains and crises while using green punching gloves or an oversized magnet or some other large green weapon and all this time they could so easily create life!? I already wasn't on board with the vagueness of the yellow weakness or the designs I saw in my friend's deck of DC cards of the Corp Ilike the blue mohawk diamond and the cyclops cartoon vitamin members and this new discovery made me think this must be one ineptly uninspired group of nitwits. Also, I assumed the elephant's existence was blithely snuffed out by Hal and I doubt that won him any star stickers with me. I'm glad you're doing these issues. I liked Cosmic Treadmill covering the GL storyline but I was even more interested in what else was going on in these books and hadn't made it through all the blog posts yet so this will be fun.


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