X-Lapsed, Episode 096 – X-Factor #2 (2020)

X-Lapsed, Episode Ninety-Six

X-Factor (vol.4) #2 (October, 2020)
“Mojoverse Sonata XF.3 Op: 45, Danse Macabre”
Writer – Leah Williams
Art – David Baldeon
Colors – Israel Silva
Letters – VC’s Joe Caramagna
Design – Tom Muller
Head of X – Hickman
Edits – Bissa, White, Cebulski
Cover Price: $3.99
On-Sale: August 26, 2020

Between the reading of X-Factor (vol.4) #1 and #2, your humble host had a birthday… one that apparently turned him into an old man – because the issue we’ve gathered to discuss today, just wasn’t for him.  We’ll talk about the possible reasons why… in a very respectful way.

Also: A very Merry Mailbag, including a friend sharing his “Life and Times as an X-Fan”!  You won’t wanna miss it… least I hope ya won’t!

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One thought on “X-Lapsed, Episode 096 – X-Factor #2 (2020)

  • Damien Drouet-Whiter

    It's interesting to me that you rated X-Factor number 1 higher than me and I rated number 2 higher than you. I suppose it shows that Chris-problems and Damien-problems are different beasts.

    What I liked about this issue was the focus on characters. The way they interact with each other and their reactions to the Mojoverse were revelatory. I find myself returning to the theory that Krakoa is removing inhibitions. It was one of our big theories surrounding the Crucible and also came up in discussing the Scott/Jean/Logan relationship and the reactions to deaths and resurrections. Maybe Leah Williams was told that the characters had fewer inhibitions and she is taking it to it's logical conclusion with Daken (I vote Day-Ken by the way but I've no idea how it should be pronounced). Removing inhibitions from someone who is already uninhibited would cause the kind of behaviour we see here. It would also explain the fact that the team are openly criticising Daken. They are not politely allowing him to do what he likes in his private life.

    Another element I really liked in the story was the sense of place. You get a clear idea of how it feels to enter the Boneyard and how the space operates. Following Aurora as she enters the building works very well. Again when they get to Mojoworld we see how the buildings relate to each other and you can clearly see their progress (or lack of) towards Spiral.

    I also loved the art. I find David Baldeon's work so expressive of character and I think he does a great job of making the different characters distinctive. It's interesting that during Merry X-Lapsed you were enthusiastic about Joe Madureira but you seem to find Baldeon's style too much. I think he fits the material so well. Can you imagine Leinil Yu drawing this. It would fail on every level.

    It's also great to see the beginning of a personality being given to Northstar's husband. His reaction to seeing Aurora resurrected is the most depth I've seen from him.

    Anyway, until Daken becomes celibate- make mine X-Lapsed.


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