MCP #3 – Wolverine

Marvel Comics Presents #3 (Wolverine)
“Save the Tiger, Part 3 of 10: The Gals”
Writer – Chris Claremont
Pencils – John Buscema
Inks – Klaus Janson
Letters – Tom Orzechowski
Colors – Glynis Oliver
Assistant Edits – Michael Rockwitz
Edits – Terry Kavanagh
Chief – Tom DeFalco

Welcome to Week Three!

Once we get through this issue, we’ll have the same amount of Marvel Comics Presents under our belts as we have DC’s New Talent Showcase.  Hmm… 

So tell me, gang… would you rather we just press on with the MCPs… or maybe flip-flop from this point on?  Does anyone have a preference?  Does anybody even care?  *tap-tap* is this thing on?

Lemme know!

We pick up right where we left off… with Wolverine surprised that he’d run into Jessan Hoan.  Whodat?  Well, let’s find out.  She is a financial whiz-kid from Singapore, who got caught up with the X-Men during a Reavers attack in the Australian Outback days of the team.  We jump ahead to Roma offering the X-Men the opportunity to pass through the Siege Perilous… which is a pretty big (and nebulous) subject unto itself.  Jessan refused to pass through… and so, Roma offered to just send her back to the moment before she got all entangled with the merry Mutants.  So… while Logan recognizes her… she hasn’t the foggiest idea who the weird hairy creep she just met in the street is.  Man, an editorial footnote here might’ve been of assistance.

Wolverine and Jessan start to rumble… she ain’t takin’ kindly to him pawing all over her, and so… she takes a page out of the Mr. Fuji playbook, and blinds him with some powder before hip-tossing him into the street, right into the path of an oncoming truck.  This allows Claremont to drop a reference to Wolverine’s mutant healing ability… which makes us three-for-three!  The fight s’more, with Jessan giving our hero the slip… and then running him over with a stolen motorcycle!

While our man licks his wounds, he is approached by sweet, sweet Sapphire from the Princess Bar.  Whatta thirsty broad!  She attempts to sweet-talk him, however that doesn’t work all that well.  So, instead… she just plants a kiss on him.  This is one whopper of a kiss, from Sapphire “Styx”… as Wolverine is suddenly “consumed… by a sea of shadows”.

Logan pushes Sapphire away, and attempts to flee the scene.  Unfortunately for him, he stumbles right into the waiting spikes of… Razorfist!  Wolvie’s kayoed… and Sapphire (who is in cahoots with Roche… and prob’ly ol’ Fist) looks about ready to strike.

Another solid chapter!

I tell ya what… I was not expecting any references to The Siege Perilous.  That seems like one of the more esoteric bits of Claremont’s X-Men run… and, it’s kind of weird seeing a nod to it here.  I know a lot of folks feel like the X-Men line of books (even back in the late-80’s), were daunting to downright overwhelming.  I couldn’t imagine what those on the outside might’ve thought upon seeing the team pass through a giant brooch to begin their new lives!

As a fan of the X-Fam, I loved seeing this reference… though, as mentioned during the synopsis, I feel as though an editorial footnote (or five) might’ve come in handy for the uninitiated.

Outside of the callback, this is basically a big fight scene.  Wolverine underestimates Jessan, and gets thrown in front of a truck… and run over by a motorcycle for his troubles.  Thankfully he’s got that (oft-mentioned) Mutant healing ability!  We also get the “swerve” on sweet, sweet Sapphire.  She of the soul-sucking kiss… or something.  I thought it was weird that Claremont kept making sure to give her a little bit of panel-time over the last couple of chapters… so, it was neat to see it pay off here.

Razorfist… the character we spent half of last chapter building up, gets a panel and a half of play-time… but, I don’t really have a problem with that.  I’m sure we’ll see plenty more of him during the remaining five chapters.

Overall, I really dug this… and I’m looking forward to more!

Tomorrow: Body Horror!

One thought on “MCP #3 – Wolverine

  • Chris U

    I'm all for the flip flop idea. The contrast between DC and Marvel could be a nice addition to the ole blog here. Plus I was kind into the NTS when you were doing them. You might say I've been anxiously awaiting NTS #4 ever since you said you didn't have it.
    Either way though I am thoroughly enjoying the blog every day. Switching between reviews and podcasts was a good idea. I like the variety.


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