ACW #617 – Superman

Action Comics Weekly #617 (Superman)
“Missing Person”
Writer – Roger Stern
Pencils – Curt Swan
Inks – Murphy Anderson
Letters – Bill Oakley
Colors – Tom Ziuko
Editor – Mike Carlin

If you look at the cover for this issue, you’ll notice that Superman’s head cuts into the Action Comics Weekly banner.  Initially, I was going to just half-ass it… not really worry about the overlap.

That would’a looked like this (and I doubt anyone would have minded/noticed):

But, I just couldn’t leave well enough alone… and, a couple weeks back, I decided to try my hand at whatever non-Photoshop image manipulator I have on my laptop, and “cut out” the top portion of Superman’s head… with an eye toward layering that bit on top of the banner… like so:

Now, do your humble host a favor and, uh… don’t look too closely at the head edit (headit?), because the closer you look, the sloppier it gets!

Anyhoo, I thank you for indulging me in sharing this wildly interesting tale, and without further ado… here’s something even less interesting!

We open with… well, a recap of what happened over the past couple of weeks.  Dude who was supposed to kill Culpepper had a little bomb in his head, yadda, yadda, yadda.

Superman then takes off… and, are you kidding me… we get a recap of everything else that’s happened up to this point?!

We wrap up with Superman using his telescopic vision to scan for Galt… and, get this… he’s nowhere to be found!

And that’s it!

I… I dunno, you guys.  I’m really trying here with this Superman strip… but, there’s just nothing going on!  I mean, do we really need all of these recaps?  I could swear we’ve already had two or three recap strips already!

Not much more to say about this one… actually, I’m sure I’ve spent more time thinking about what to say that Mr. Stern spent writing the script for it!

Tomorrow: We get Strange(r)

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