ACW #611 – Green Lantern

Action Comics Weekly #611 (Green Lantern)
“Room Service”
Writer – Peter David
Art – Tod Smith
Letters – Albert DeGuzman
Colors – Anthony Tollin
Assistant Editor – Dan Raspler
Editor – Denny O’Neil

Ya know… we comics bloggers struggle to get noticed… we hustle, we create, we maintain strict schedules.  It often feels like a thankless and fruitless endeavor… and then there are times like right now.  I’ve been discovered y’all.

I’m so excited… so jazzed to share this news with you.  Check this out:

Ya see that, gang?  These guys… “Like it!”.  It’s been like four times this week, so I must be doing something right!  Sure, they didn’t “like it” enough to click the little heart, or retweet me… but, we’re  going to take this new relationship slowly.  I don’t want to scare away such a high-profile account.

Okay, okay.  Of course, I’m being facetious here.  If you’re a comics-content creator, you’ve no doubt been hit with these “Like it!” tweet-replies from time to time.  It’s irritating to be sure… but it must get ’em at least a few clicks, right?  Otherwise, why do it?

Well, if ya can’t beat ’em…

Picking up right where we left off… Arisia answers the door to grab the room service platter, however, what she finds is a rather angry attendant!  I’m not sure this is the time for banter, but I did chuckle at her “Hal!!  It’s for you!”.  She tries to push the fella out of the room, but he barges in anyway, and the pair wrestle around on the floor for a bit.  Hal trudges in from out of the bathroom just as she forces the intruder to jam his kitchen knife into an electrical socket!  This stops him in his tracks.

Hal “Lanterns up” and apologizes for not being there for Arisia.  She assures him that this was the most fun she’s had in weeks… and, ya know what?  I kinda believe it.  It’s been a rather rotten few weeks, hasn’t it?

Hal and Arisia bring the attacker down to the Police Station… where they just take his word for what the poor fella did, even though he himself can’t seem to remember what came over him… or what he even did!  Hal asks to speak to Rensaleer, and is directed out back… by the dumpsters.

Turns out, the Lieutenant is, in fact, digging through the dumpster… and he’s looking for: that note from “Mind Games” he tossed out last chapter!  Ya see, Chicago is up to 27 cases wherein seemingly normal folks suddenly went nuts!  Maybe he shouldn’t have dismissed Mind Games’ missive?!

At the same time, Arisia is hanging out inside the Precinct… right next to a woman, who introduces herself as Cynthia Gresham.  She owns a Modelling Agency in Chicago, and thinks Arisia has an “out of this world” look.  Hmm…

We then shift scenes to… a room full of strange machinery, and a shadowy fella who wonders if the name “Mind Games” was too esoteric to be taken seriously.  Hmm.  He then presses a button, sending a beam to a satellite dish… 

… which returns to Earth, and strikes Green Lantern (just as they find that crumpled note).  Uh-oh!

Alrighty, Mind Games is really heating up.  Well, kinda anyway.

It’s established here that the Mad Samurai Guy from last chapter wasn’t an isolated incident… and this isn’t just a “Green Lantern threat”, but something going on all throughout Chicago.

So yeah, there’s stuff going on.  Is it interesting though?  Well, not really.  I promise it’s leading somewhere somewhat interesting… so, we’ll just muddle through for now and take it as it comes.

The idea of Arisia becoming a model is raised here, which will figure a bit into Peter David’s next Green Lantern arc… which, I’m already kind of dreading.  The Freak Show ain’t fun, folks… but, we’ll get there!

Tomorrow: Penultimate Deadmanning!

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