X-Lapsed Triple-Dip

X-Lapsed Triple-Dip, Episode 1 – X-Men by Jonathan Hickman, Volume 1

X-Lapsed Triple Dip, Episode 1 - X-Men by Hickman 1

X-Lapsed Triple-Dip, Episode One

X-Men by Jonathan Hickman, Volume 1 (April, 2020)
(00:00:00) X-Men (vol.5) #1: “Pax Krakoa”
(00:51:03) X-Men (vol.5) #2: “Summoner”
(01:25:43) X-Men (vol.5) #3: “Hordeculture”
(02:03:28) X-Men (vol.5) #4: “Global Economics”
(02:38:19) X-Men (vol.5) #5: “Into the Vault”
(03:06:24) X-Men (vol.5) #6: “The Oracle”
Writer – Jonathan Hickman
Art – Leinil Francis Yu, R.B. Silva, & Matteo Buffagni
Inks – Gerry Alanguilan
Colors – Sunny Gho, Rain Beredo, & Marte Gracia
Letters – VC’s Clayton Cowles
Design – Tom Muller
Edits – Bissa, White, Cebulski
Cover Price: $17.99
On-Sale: April 8, 2020

Since 300+ episodes is quite the daunting task for any potential new listener… welcome to the X-Lapsed “Triple-Dip” — the third time I’m sharing these episodes, however, rather than sorting them by where they’d appear in the Dawn of X Anthologies (as shown in The Collected X-Lapsed series of shows)… we’re doing these by series!

If you missed out on the earliest issues of Jonathan Hickman’s run on X-Men (vol.5), here’s your chance to start playing catch-up with Chris!

If you missed out on House of X and Powers of X, the complete eight or so hour discussion of that storyline can be found in The Collected X-Lapsed, Episode One, available in the archives!

Is this your first time giving X-Lapsed a try?  Are you a listener who’s become X-Lapsed-Lapsed?  I’d love to hear from you – please consider dropping me a line to let me know what you think!


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