The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode 39 – X-Men #29 (1967)

The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode Thirty-Nine

X-Men #29 (February, 1967)
“When Titans Clash!”
Writer – Roy Thomas
Pencils – Werner Roth
Inks – John Tartaglione
Letters – Sam Rosen
Colors – Whodat?
Skating Instructor – Irving Forbush
Edits – Stan Lee
Cover Price: 12¢

The Essentials are back… and we’ve got a question: How do you solve a problem like The Mimic?  Well, maybe we figure out a way to depower him for the second-time in ten issues?

Yes folks, today Cal Rankin’s gonna stop calrankining long enough to discover the meaning and value of friendship… and make the ultimate… well, near-ultimate sacrifice for his fellow X-Men.

Plus – Mutant Mailbox, Bullpen Bulletins, and all the usual Essential Nonsense!

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