Cosmic Treadmill Presents… Comix Tawk, Episode 3: “No Sir… We Don’t Like It!”

The third in our series of Comix Tawk episodes, previously only available to Chris and Reggie Patrons over at Patreon.  This time out, at the request of our good pal Jeremiah Jones Goldstein, we discuss some of our least favorite characters and concepts in all of comicdom!

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We open by explaining the long-running Cosmic Treadmill gag of my snoring anytime DC’s The Spectre would show up in a story… and move on from there.  We had a blast with this one, and we hope you can tell!
Surely to be a contentious topic… prepare to disagree with some of our picks!  There’s a comment section below if you’d like to share some of your least faves… or if ya wanna tell me how wrong I am for hating the Spectre, Phantom Stranger, and Thor!
Originally Released: December 5, 2018

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