ACW #605 – Deadman

Action Comics Weekly #605 (Deadman)
“Deadman Goes to Hell”
Writer – Mike Baron
Pencils – Dan Jurgens
Inks – Tony DeZuniga
Letters – Steve Haynie
Colors – Liz Berube
Editor – Barbara Randall

Alrighty, today we’re going to be taking a look at our cover feature!  It’s always nice (though seemingly rare, nowadays) when what we see on the cover of a comic book has anything at all to do with what’s on the inside!

But, here we have Deadman–Under Glass, and we’re about to read about Deadman–Under Glass!  It’s just crazy enough to work!

We open with Deadman… under glass, in that Top Secret Military Installation… somewhere in Virginia.  Major Kasaba and Stan Whatshisface are looking on, wondering how they might be able to use him for their own means.  Stan decides torture might just be the ticket, and cranks up an electro-magnetic hooziwatzit to make ol’ Boston a bit more uncomfortable.  In so doing, a warning device is triggered, and they decide to take a break… not that it was working all that well to begin with.

The Major and Stan leave, but not before mentioning the fact that they have yet another “guest” hanging around.  Deadman isn’t left alone for long, though… he is soon joined by a fella who kinda looks like he was dressed by Mockingbird, from that other Action Comics Weekly feature.

Deadman draws the Guard near… then pounds on the glass, scaring him!  The Guard backs into the console, and accidentally hits a button, whose only function must be dropping this great big glass coffin to the ground, because that’s exactly what it does!  Okay, it might have something to do with magnets.

Deadman is freed from his tomb, and possesses the Guard.  Stan rushes in to see what’s going on, and is advised that Deadman got away.  It’s here that he (and we) learn that Stan’s “other guest” has been there all along… living in a nearby jar.  This being is from Sumeria, and is allegedly even more powerful than Deadman.  So, why all the fuss with Deadman then?

Stan foolishly leaves the Guard alone with the Jar.  Alone, Boston studies the symbols etched on it, and informs us that they represent “a classic confrontation between good and evil”.  He is then greeted by a voice from within… asking to be let out.

Naturally, Boston refuses… but, undeterred, the voice then decides if they can’t get out… they’re going to drag Deadman in.

We wrap up inside the jar, where Deadman meets… the devil?!

Now this is more like it!

After a pair of dull-to-middling chapters, this one was a lot of fun.

I’m still a bit confused as to why Kasaba and Stan are so invested in getting Deadman to talk… when, as I mentioned last week, this is the DC Universe… ghosts ain’t that hard to come by!  What’s more… they’ve actually got another one in a nearby jar!

A jar that Stan is worried about Deadman getting too close to… which, ya know… begs the question: Why put the two in a the same damn area?!

Well, all that silliness aside, I thought this one was pretty cool… The Talaoc stuff is behind us (hopefully for good) and I’m definitely interested to see how Deadman fares inside “Hell”.

Tomorrow: Wild Dog… R.I.P.?!

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