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NML Crossing, Episode 074 – Batman #567 (1999)

NML Crossing, Episode Seventy-Four

Batman #567 (July, 1999)
“Mark of Cain, Part One”
Writer – Kelley Puckett
Pencils – Damion Scott
Inks – John Floyd
Colors – Greg Wright
Letters – Todd Klein
Edits – Illidge, Vincenzo, O’Neil
Cover Price: $1.99

Who’s that girl? Today we get introduced to that family Cain… David and his young (unnamed as of yet) daughter. I’m sure we’ll never see either of them ever again. People always fall through the cracks in No Man’s Land!

The Bada-Bin!

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One thought on “NML Crossing, Episode 074 – Batman #567 (1999)

  • This is a really fast read. It’s a good issue, but it was over before what I felt should be the half way point. It really left me wanting more, but in a good way.
    The interaction between Ms. Cain and the Gordons makes me think of George Perez and how he used his art to have Jericho communicate with the Titans. And no disrespect for the Wolfman/ Perez team, but I think this scene of Ms. Cain explaining her relationship to David Cain surpasses anything Jericho related.
    To me David Cain is just a poor man’s Slade Wilson. The greatest assassin trope just begins and ends with Deathstroke.

    I’m left a little confused by Batman’s interaction with Two-Face. If Batman got to Two-Face and had him at his mercy does that mean that Batman has taken back his territory? And why wouldn’t Batman have just taken Two-Face to Blackgate and removed him from the territory gang lord game board?


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