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NML Crossing, Episode 046 – Detective Comics #729 (1999)

NML Crossing, Episode Forty-Six

Detective Comics #729 (February, 1999)
“Fight or Flight!, Part Three: 30 Seconds to Midnight”
Writer – Chuck Dixon
Pencils – William Rosado
Inks – Sal Buscema
Colors – Gloria Vasquez & Android Images
Letters – John Costanza
Edits – Peterson & Vincenzo
Cover Price: $1.99

We have finally arrived at the END of the Road to No Man’s Land! Today we’re officially drawing a line under Gotham City… the hard-luck town finally goes down for the count, but not before one more tango with one’a Nicholas Scratch’s League of Losers! Plus… Cobra Commander?

Also: A great dive into the NMaiLbag!

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2 thoughts on “NML Crossing, Episode 046 – Detective Comics #729 (1999)

  • 1) Listening to the NMLBag today, it occurred to me that the Ghoul page from the Mr. Wayne Goes to Washington arc might also be touching on Legacy, since he was part of that. It still is a flimsy connection, especially since I don’t think that storyarc led to the second-generation of the Contagion virus coming to Gotham, just threatening to get to Gotham, but the Ghoul connection might be less flimsy than I originally thought. Still pretty flimsy, just a little less so.

    2) I would disagree that you don’t have the work ethic for narrative writing. You clearly put in a lot of work with podcasting and blogging, the type of work you’d need for narrative writing. I can see not having the desire to put that work ethic into narrative writing, but I think that’s slightly different from not having it at all. I also think you should put your work on the same level of potential impact as narrative writing, since it’s made more of an impact on me than many pieces of fiction.

    As someone who can be pretty self-deprecating myself, I play down my work and accomplishments somewhat like you do, but I think we both can take more credit for the good work we do. The times others, including myself, have used your work as a resource shows that it is very valuable (not to mention just listening for entertainment), so I think some pride is called for. Not hubris, excessive pride, of course, but some pride to properly own your accomplishments.

  • Once again Nick Scratch and his many goons failed miserably. Seeing the Joker take out the Devil heads made me cheer and laugh at the same time. Joker shows what a proper villain should be. And I know it’s not going to happen but I would live to see the Joker put one between Nick Scratch’s eyes.

    I was going to ask if there was any mention of Nick Scratch on UseNet, so thanks for answering my question before I asked it.

    I actually found something I liked about Nick Scratch. That one image of him yelling at his devil goons when he is on the steps. His shadow looked like the classic demon character Chernabog from Fantasia. So his shadow looked good in one pannel.


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