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NML Crossing, Episode 020 – Batman #555 (1998)

NML Crossing, Episode Twenty

Batman #555 (June, 1998)
“Trapped Like Rats”
Writer – Doug Moench
Pencils – John Beatty
Inks – Sal Buscema
Colors – Gregory Wright & Android Images
Letters – Todd Klein
Edits – Gorfinkel & O’Neil
Cover Price: $1.95

The Aftershock Era rolls on with our titular hero doing a little search ‘n rescue in the down below and running afoul of the Ratcatcher!  Lots of fun and interesting chatter to be had today!  Join us, won’t you?

Plus: Even another extra-stuffed NMaiLbag! 

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4 thoughts on “NML Crossing, Episode 020 – Batman #555 (1998)

  • Chris U

    I think this might have been the first time Tim becoming Batman was ever mentioned. It would certainly lead to other stories featuring Tim as Batman other than “Battle for the Cowl”. Most notably in the Titans of Tomorrow storyline.
    It has always been assumed that Dick would take over as Batman eventually, but Dick had spent a long time growing out of the Batman’s shadow and becoming his own man. The fact that at this point in history he has made himself the hero of Bludhaven and literally moved away from Batman and Gotham makes Dick ever becoming Batman seem less likely. The fact that Bruce had to step away from the mantle of the Batman recently has put the idea of who will replace him and continue his mission is front and center in his mind. Tim is his perfect candidate at this time. Beginning to lead Tim down the path to becoming Batman is something Bruce needs to do since his mortality has become more evident to him since Knightfall. But of course all of that would go out the window once Damian showed up and became heir apparent and destined to become Batman.

    I’ve been drawn in to some of the Black Label books. Most notably “Danger Street” that used all the disparate characters from 1ST Issue Special. They are each in their own continuity. Everything you need to know is contained in the story. No previous knowledge necessary, and any previous knowledge should be left at the door. They are just stories. No alternate earths necessary. Totally out of continuity.

    Lol. Your having a Crisis of Infinite Chrises. Lol

  • I agree with Chris U that this is the first time Tim being Batman is mentioned and it seems like the best option in this era of comics. Even Ras Al Ghul refers to Tim as “Detective” in the Red Robin series. But over time after I believe it was Rebirth we start to see Tim not wanting to become Batman and give reasons why. Thats when it appears Damian is the only successor because no one else wants too. Like alot of people we assume Dick Grayson would become the next Batman but over the years he has been shown stepping in to take Bruce’s place temporarily but always seems to comment he doesn’t want to be Batman permanently. EVen in the Golden Age he is a grown adult still in an updated Robin costume. I am not sure if he ever becomes Batman in that Era.

    • Chris U

      While he wore a modified Batman costume in his first appearances as an adult in the Silver Age, the Earth-Two Dick Grayson did not become Batman. He was Robin up until his death in Crisis. Earth-Two Bruce Wayne continued as Batman even in semi-retirement until he died in the costume.
      I’m pretty sure that the only time Dick Grayson ever willingly succeeded Bruce and took over the mantle of Batman was in the John Byrne mini series, “Superman/Batman: Generations”. And that didn’t turn out so well for our man Grayson.

      • I did not know about this Superman Batman Generations miniseries. I will have to check it out.


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