NML Crossing

NML Crossing, Episode 001 – Detective Comics #719 (1998)

NML Crossing, Episode 001

Detective Comics #719 (March, 1998)
“Cataclysm, Prelude: Sound and Fury”
Writer – Chuck Dixon
Pencils – Jim Aparo, Flint Henry, Mark Buckingham
Inks – Bob McLeod
Colors – Gloria Vasquez & Android Images
Letters – John Costanza
Edits – Darren Vincenzo, Scott Peterson
Cover Price: $1.95

Welcome to a New Year… and a new project!  We’re kicking off the Road to No Man’s Land, with designs on covering every single chapter of the Batman Crossovent from Cataclysm to Endgame!

Today’s issue is a fun one, taking us back to those post-Zero Hour “Batman-as-Urban-Legend” days for a somewhat ephemeral romp, before hopping into an ominous pre-cataclysmic epilogue!



5 thoughts on “NML Crossing, Episode 001 – Detective Comics #719 (1998)

  • Good to hear you back recording! I love No Man’s Land, but I also only read those 5 TPB volumes from the turn of the century.

    I’m just now, for some reason, finding out that those TPBs didn’t collect the whole NML storyline. I knew it didn’t collect Cataclysm and other precursors to the story, but I never knew it was a scattershot collection of NML stuff.

    • Thank you, CJ! Happy to be back… happy to be discussing something a little less ephemeral (and contradictory) as the current-year X-Books!

      That five-volume TPB set was SUCH a tease, wasn’t it? Back then, I doubt I even realized that it WASN’T complete… I just assumed I was getting to read the whole thing without having to hunt every issue down!

      It’s weird that I felt like I was able to jump right in on those trades… even without the Cataclysm, Aftershock, and Road to… precursors!

      I hope you enjoyed the episode, and I hope to hear more from you as we work through the event!

      Thanks again!

  • Andrew McAvoy

    Glad to hear you back on the airwaves (pod waves?) Chris!

  • Chris U

    I know I a little late to the podcast, but as someone who read all of these issues month by month as they came out, I’m interested to see what I remember and how this story holds up after soooooooo long. I’m also interested to hear your opinions on this “new to you” storyline.

    I hope to be caught up by Monday the 22nd, and listening daily from there on out.


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