X-News from Wizard #3 (1991)

Wizard: The Guide to Comics #3 (November, 1991)
Just the X-Stuff…
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Another “gimme” day from the long-ago for your humble host — whodathunk that giving this internet stuff lower priority would somehow make my days busier?!

The John Byrne interview marking his illustrious return to the X-Books… long may he reign!

A Wolverine bio that reads kind of like a High School Essay:

Wizard Top 10 Hot Books:

The Diamond Top 100:

Pick from the Wizard’s Hat (Uncanny X-Men #193):

A wonky, and wildly confused solicitation for X-Men #3:

A line of X-Force trading cards I never knew existed!

New Mutants #87 Sweepstakes:

And… a picture of the 2nd Prize t-shirt!

Finally, an X-Themed Atomic Comics Ad:

One thought on “X-News from Wizard #3 (1991)

  • There was so much promise in getting John Byrne back on the X-Books. Too bad it went nowhere. I have always thought that he came back after Claremont left to show up his old partner. But I think he ended up in a worse situation than the one he left wen he stopped working with Claremont on X-Men.


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