Merry X-Lapsed

Merry X-Lapsed – Generation X #24 (1997)

Merry X-Lapsed!

Generation X #24 (February, 1997)
“Home for the Holidays”
Writer – Scott Lobdell
Guest Pencils – Rick Leonardi w/Mitch Byrd
Guest Inks – Bud LaRosa w/Jason Martin
Letters – Comicraft w/Richard Starkings
Colors – Steve Buccellato
Edits – Bob Harras
Cover Price: $1.95

Merry X-Lapsed 2021 wraps up the same way 2020 ended… with Generation X!

And, just like 2020, the Generation X Holiday Issue we’re discussing… really doesn’t have much to do with the holidays themselves!  Instead, the ladies of the crew head to Monet’s family home in Monaco, to play a game of “Skeletons in the Closet” — sharing tales of how and when their mutant powers manifested.  It’s a bunch of largely-retconned… or contradicted stories, that almost make me want to launch a program called “The Unessential X-Lapsed”!

Also – I wax on for quite awhile about what the Holiday Season means to me… well, the “eves” of the holidays anyway.  I’d love to hear your stories as well!

I hope everyone has a warm and wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season.  Thank you all for being a part of mine!

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