X-Lapsed, Episode 233 – X-Corp #3 (2021)

X-Lapsed, Episode Two Hundred Thirty-Three

X-Corp #3 (September, 2021)
“The Madrox Workflow”
Writer – Tini Howard
Art – Valentine de Landro
Colors – Sunny Gho
Letters – VC’s Clayton Cowles
Design – Tom Muller
Head of X – Hickman
Edits – Amaro, White, Cebulski
Cover Price: $3.99
On-Sale: July 14, 2021

After terraforming Mars… the mutants’ next trick is – quick internet?  No, really.

Today we’re heading to a Tech Expo so the Corp can unleash their broadband service upon the world… all the while acting wildly out of character!

Least we got the Mailbag!

One thought on “X-Lapsed, Episode 233 – X-Corp #3 (2021)

  • Peter

    I always thought most mutants had their mutations hit during puberty but, just like not everyone writes with their right hand, there were a fair bit of exceptions. Didn't Prof X and Cassandra manifest powers in their mother's womb? I think it's unnecessarily limiting for all people finding out they're mutants exclusively one way or the other.


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