Questerdays: An EPIC ElfQuest Podcast, Episode 6 – ElfQuest #6 (1986)

Questerdays: An EPIC ElfQuest Podcast, Episode Six

ElfQuest #6 (January, 1986)
By Wendy & Richard Pini
Colors – Glynis Oliver
EPIC Edits – Archie & Joe
BMOC – Jim Shooter
Cover Price: 75¢

Today the Chris’s’s’s are back to cover a most important issue – for a few reasons!

A) This was the first comic book one of them paid an entire $5 for!

B) It tells the Secret Origin of Cutter’s (unwitting) ascent into Wolfrider Chiefdom!

It’s the story of Bearclaw’s last stand and the menace of Madcoil — but, as usual for us, that’s not all!  We’ve also got all the MARVELous mid-80’s backmatter to share!  Letters Pages!  Bullpen Bulletins!  Adverts!  Nonsense Tangents!  And more!

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