The Collected X-Lapsed, Episode 11 – Dawn of X, Volume 9 (2020)

The Collected X-Lapsed, Episode Eleven

Dawn of X, Volume 9 (2020)
(00:00:00) New Mutants (vol.4) #8: “A-Hunting We Will Go”
(00:30:00) Marauders #9: “Journey to the Center of Pyro”
(01:37:28) Cable (vol.4) #1: “Big Guns”
(02:23:32) X-Men (vol.5) #8: “Swarm”
(03:01:52) Excalibur (vol.4) #9: “Verse IX: Schools of Magic”
(03:52:13) X-Force (vol.6) #9: “The Moral Jungle”
Writers – Ed Brisson, Gerry Duggan, Jonathan Hickman, Tini Howard, & Benjamin Percy
Art – Marco Failla, Matteo Lolli, Phil Noto, Mahmud Asrar, Marcus To, & Joshua Cassara
Colors – Carlos Lopez, Edgar Delgado, Sunny Gho, Erick Arciniega, & Dean White
Letters – VC’s Travis Lanham, Joe Caramagna, Joe Sabino, Clayton Cowles, & Cory Petit
Design – Tom Muller
Edits – Bissa, Robinson, White, Cebulski
Cover Price: $17.99
On-Sale: November 10, 2020

Welcome to the fold, Cable!  Hope you enjoy your (relatively short) stay!

Our eleventh Collected Edition sees Kid Cable best Wolverine in battle before getting swept away to deal with some, of all things, Spaceknight stuff.  Excalibur is… back in Otherworld (duh), The New Mutants deal with boring Nova Roma stuff, X-Men focuses on Vulcan… and banging Brood in what might be the worst story to come out of this volume, X-Force heads into Terra Verde, and Marauders sees Pyro infected by a tiny little fellow.

All that, plus the usual backmatter nonsense you know and tolerate!  Lotsa Crucible fall-out chatter!  You’re gonna love it (I hope)!

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