Chris and Reggie’s TOTAL PACKAGE – The History of Underground Comix

Chris and Reggie’s TOTAL PACKAGE

The History of Underground Comix
(00:00:00) Part I: Tijuana Bibles, Joe Shuster, Harvey Kurtzman, Wally Wood, and More!
(01:13:54) Part II: 1968, Robert Crumb, art spiegelman, Trina Robins, Marvel’s “Comix Book”, and More!
(02:47:49) Part III: Aline Kominsky-Crumb, Harvey Pekar – Underground-to-Indie: Peter Bagge, Wendy & Richard Pini, Dave Sim, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and More!
(04:23:18) Part IV: Underground-to-Corporate: Marvel’s EPIC Comics, DC’s Vertigo, Webcomics, Minicomics, and More!
Originally Weird Comics History, Episodes 12-15 (2017)
Total Run Time: 5 Hours, 41 Minutes, 53 Seconds

Continuing the celebration of FIVE YEARS of Chris and Reggie with a compilation of another one of our “tentpole” series’ wherein we go deep into the somewhat seedy, certainly salacious, world of Underground Comix!  We start with Tijuana Bibles… and don’t stop until present day… talking about what Underground Comix were, what they became, and how they’re still relevant to this day.

I hope you enjoy!


Will Eisner speaks well of Harvey Kurtzman at the Dallas Fantasy Fair on July 5, 1990

BREAK CLIP (Part Two):

Excerpt from Arena: The Confessions of Robert Crumb, British Broadcasting Corporation, 1987

BREAK CLIP (Part Three):
Harvey Pekar on Late Night with David Letterman 7/31/87

Break Clip (Part Four):
Levi’s 501 “Button Your Fly” commercial from 1990, directed by Spike Lee, starring Rob Liefeld

Tijuana Bibles: Art & Wit in America’s Forbidden Funnies, 1930s to 1950s by Bob Adelman (Simon & Schuster, 1994)
Vintage Tijuana Bible Library (WARNING: VERY NSFW)
The Incredible True Story of Joe Shuster’s Nights of Horror
Harvey Kurtzman: The Man Who Created MAD and Revolutionized Humor in America by Bill Schelly (Fantagraphics, 2015)
Humbug (2 volume set) by Harvey Kurtzman, et al. (Fantagraphics, 2008)
Trump: The Complete Collection by Harvey Kurtzman et al. (Dark Horse Books, 2016)
witzend (2 volume set) by Wallace Wood et al. (Fantagraphics, 2014)
A History of Underground Comix by James Estren, Ronin Publishing, 1974
Comic Book Creator #5, Spring 2014, “The Comix Book Life of Denis Kitchen” pg. 34-79

The Best of Comix Book by James Vance and Denis Kitchen, Kitchen Sink Books, 2013

Amazing Underground Comix Resource

The Aline Kominsky-Crumb Interview, The Comics Journal #139 (December 1990)

“I Felt Like I Didn’t Have a Baby But at Least I’d Have a Book”: A Diane Noomin Interview, The Comics Journal

Harvey Pekar: Conversations, edited by Michael G. Rhode, University Press of Mississippi, 2008

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