Questerdays, An EPIC ElfQuest Podcast, Episode 4 – ElfQuest #4 (1985)

Questerdays, An EPIC ElfQuest Podcast – Episode Four

ElfQuest #4 (November, 1985)
“The Challenge”
By Wendy & Richard Pini
Colors – Glynis Oliver
EPIC Editors – Archie & Jo
Consultant – Big Jim
Cover Price: $0.75 USD / $1 CAN

What do you do when a new guy rolls into town and tries to take your best gal?  Well, if you’ve got one handy – you might just throw a centuries-old ceremonial wand in their direction!

Today, friends – we kick off THE CHALLENGE.  It’s the oddly sympathetic Rayek challenging the oddly kinda dickish Cutter, and it’s “Winner take Leetah”!  We will talk all about this, while trying our best not to say the words “current year” and/or “2021” every other sentence!

Also: We go through the first-ever ElfQuest “Quests & Answers” Letters Page… which features some of the most convenient letters a comic creator could EVER hope to get.  The Bullpen Bulletins page is… well, it’s there.  And our ads are a blast as always!  It’s two and a half hours of ElfQuest goodness with ya boys Chris² – you won’t wanna miss it!

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