The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode 008 – Strange Tales #120 (1964)

The Essential X-Lapsed, Episode Eight

Strange Tales #120 (May, 1964)
“The Torch Meets The Iceman!”
Writer/Edits – Stan Lee
Pencils – Jack Kirby
Inks – Dick Ayers
Letters – S. Rosen
Colors – Ehhhhh?
Cover Price: 12¢

The X-Men continue looming large over the early Marvel Universe… this time with their youngest member – the sixteen-year old Kid Kool himself – crossing paths with the youngest member of the Fantastic Four – Johnny Storm, the Human Torch in the pages of Strange Tales #120!

Will these two teen-agers forgo the “Superhero Team-Ups… the Marvel Way” formula… or, will we waste several pages of this short story with a Silver Age clashing of Fire and Ice?  You may be surprised… I know I was!

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