WC #1 – Superman

Wednesday Comics #1 (Superman)

Writer – John Arcudi
Art – Lee Bermejo
Colors – Barbara Ciardo
Letters – Ken Lopez
Edits – Mark Chiarello

Well, stop me if you heard this one before… we’ve got us a Superman strip!

Folks who have been following this humble blog for awhile will likely recall the absolute (sarcasm) joy (/sarcasm) I had going through the “Superman Strips” during our Action Comics Daily coverage back in 2019!

Woof, those were pretty rough.

Let’s see if Wednesday Comics manages to crack the code on making a Super-strip into something readable!

We open in Metropolis with Superman being punched all the way across the city by the latest generic hulking monster he’s got to fight!  He lunges back toward the villain and proceeds to pummel it a whole bunch… actually shattering it’s weird helmet, and revealing his wildly unpleasant three-eyed mug!

As he continues punching the baddie… a couple of goofballs wander up to cheer him on.  Uh-oh… a Superman strip with some goobers who seem to worship him?  This doesn’t exactly bode well for us, do it?

Superman shouts at the lookeyloos to back the eff up… and the monster takes this opportunity to ask the Man of Steel a strange question indeed.  It addresses him as a Kryptonian, and suggests that he doesn’t truly belong here.

Well, first things first… the art here was amazing.  Truly a joy to behold… especially at this blown up newspaper size.  It’s funny how the comics industry has gone to the slicker (more expensive) paper… and we always seem to hear that it’s to the benefit of the art.  I think the fabulous work we’re seeing here (and throughout Wednesday Comics) is a testament to just how nice art can look on regular old newsprint!  So, howsabout we go back to the cheap stuff, and maybe knock a buck or two off the cover prices?


Anyway… let’s talk story, of which, we don’t get much.  It’s Superman fighting a great big hulking monster… otherwise known as “Tuesday in Metropolis”.  Nothing we haven’t seen before… and nothing we won’t see again (probably each and every week in the Super-books)!

I am kind of interested in the Super-fans who rushed in as our hero was beating the crud out of the beast.  Even though I was certainly no fan of the “Church of Superman” serial that ran through Action Comics Weekly… I will admit, if this is a callback to it, it’ll get a decent pop out of me!

Other than that… not a whole heckuva lot to say.  I’m looking forward to seeing where this is headed… which is more than I could ever say for those old ACW strips!

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