WC #1 – Kamandi, The Last Boy on Earth

Wednesday Comics #1 (Kamandi)

By Dave Gibbons & Ryan Sook
Edits – Mark Chiarello

Alrighty… what’s next?

Ka… Kamandi?  Really, that’s what we’re doing?  Hmm… okay.

Now, full disclosure… never really “got” Kamandi.  I think he’s a cool character… and I like the trappings of his world, but never quite enough for me to actually sit down with him for all that long.  I’m pretty sure we did cover an issue of his book here on the blog way back in the long ago… and, only did that because it featured the discovery of Superman’s costume in the far-flung post-Great Disaster future.

That said… I’m definitely interested in seeing how Gibbons and Sook make this oddball character work in the Wednesday Comics format!

We open with Kamandi paddling through the remains of New York City… which, I feel like is how we always start Kamandi stories, innit?  Unless this is a retelling of his first story… which, ya know – it very well could be, come to think of it!  Worth noting Sook absolutely kills it here with the visuals!

Kamandi finally reaches shore… and it’s one that he recognizes.  Its near the fallout shelter where he lived and got his name… Command D.

We learn via narration that the Last Boy on Earth never knew his parents… but, was close with a man who he considered to be like a Grandfather to him.  He would raise Kamandi… but would pass away.  Our boy blames himself for his death.  We wrap up with Kamandi being approached by… something!  Something we’ll surely see… next time!

Not too shabby!

Now, again – I’m not terribly familiar with Kamandi… but, if I had to assume, I’d guess we’re getting a take on his first story here.  If that turns out to be the case, I think it’s a pretty good idea.  Kamandi is a (relatively speaking) fairly obscure character (I mean, he’s no A-Lister), and so – starting out slow… and educating readers who may not have ever sat down with a post-Great Disaster story before is a pretty smart play.

That said, we get just enough here to wet our collective whistles.  We know there’s been a Disaster… humanity is, for the most part, wiped out… Kamandi was raised by a man who may or may not have been his actual Grandfather… until he perished.  We even learn how Kamandi got his name.  All very well done – and beautifully drawn.

Can’t believe I’m actually looking forward to the next installment!

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