From Claremont to Claremont, Episode 2d – X-Force & Spider-Man: Sabotage

From Claremont to Claremont: An X-Men Podcast

Episode 2D

Spider-Man #16 (November, 1991)
“Sabotage, Part One”
By Todd McFarlane
Special Assist – Rob Liefeld
Colors – Greg Wright
Letters – Chris Eliopoulos
Edits – Danny Fingeroth
Cover Price: $1.75

X-Force #4 (November, 1991)
“Sabotage: Part 2”
Plot/Art – Rob Liefeld
Balloon Stuffer – Fabian Nicieza
Letters – Rosen & Eliopoulos
Edits – Bob Harras
Cover Price: $1.00

We can’t stand it… we know you planned it!

We gonna (try) and set it straight… this Liefeld/McFarlane-gate!

Welcome back, friends – to the eXtreme corner of From Claremont to Claremont where Chris (@Charlton_Hero) and I take a look at X-Force!  This time out, it’s a (literally) sideways two-part crossover with Todd McFarlane’s adjectiveless Spider-Man title – in which, well – basically nothing happens, but the Toddster winds up quitting Marvel forever!  We’ll talk all about that, and a whole lot more in this very episode!

Also: Mr. Bailey sits in for the dread (and x-tended) “Pod-File” segment including the Marvel Bullpen Cool-o-Meter for November, 1991!

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