X-Lapsed, Episode 111 – X of Swords: Creation #1 (2020)

X-Lapsed, Episode One Hundred Eleven
X of Swords: Creation #1 (November, 2020)
“X of Swords, Part 01”
Writers – Jonathan Hickman & Tini Howard
Art – Pepe Larraz
Colors – Marte Gracia
Letters – VC’s Clayton Cowles
Design – Tom Muller
Edits – Bissa, White, Cebulski
Cover Price: $6.99
On-Sale: September 23, 2020

The moment has finally arrived, friends – we have reached… #EcksofTens!  I hope we survive the x-perience…

Today’s x-tra sized tale is pretty wild… giving us A LOT to talk about in this x-tra sized episode.  I hope you’ll join us for the ride!

Also – An awesome selection of letters from the X-Lapsed Mailbag… one of which left your humble host laughing like a buffoon (well, more of a buffoon).

Plus – The opportunity for you (yes, YOU) to guide the X-Men into their next phase… as Marvel.com is currently holding an election wherein WE the readers can choose the final member of the new X-Men team!  Vote runs from today until February 2!  Be sure your voice is heard — and also, mebbe let your pal Chris know who you voted for!

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2 thoughts on “X-Lapsed, Episode 111 – X of Swords: Creation #1 (2020)

  • Damien Drouet-Whiter

    I'm going to deal with the Free Comic Book Day issue and Creation as one beast. I'm not sure I entirely agree with you about the choice of pages for the FCBD issue. I can see some benefit to releasing something that is bizarre and intriguing and not fully explained. It is becoming more and more normal to see trailers that are confusing rather than clear. In many ways it is the Marvel movies that have trained people to expect puzzle mysteries with their post credits scenes so this could be viewed as appropriate for fans of the movies. Of course I don't really like the movies because I'm always sat there wondering why they changed things and therefore taking myself out of the story. I often am my own worst enemy.

    As for the story. I loved the tarot element. Having predictions of the event in the first issue with analysis by the Hellion Tarot meant I knew what the cards could mean even though I know next to nothing about tarot cards. I remember at the time searching out different interpretations of these predictions on different blogs and websites. I find it fascinating to see what other fans are thinking and to read all the theories. It made reading X of Tens a shared experience. Sadly this means that on a reread I can't remember whether my thoughts come from me, other fans or just from having read the entire crossover.

    There are so many little touches in this issue that I loved. I feel like Hickman and Howard were putting all their time and effort into this which might explain why recent issues of X-Men and Excalibur have been lacking. The scene with the Quiet Council discussing the external gate is a favourite. I love that Kitty is wearing gloves to hide her tattoos. And the fact that Krakoa can overrule the council. Krakoa having an agenda is something I hadn't really considered but is such an obvious idea.

    I also love that the team that goes into Krakoa is mainly comprised of people who hate Apocalypse. Many of them for very good reasons. And then they have to save his life. How ironic. The horsemen attacking Apocalypse was not really a surprise but I thought it was so well staged. Beautiful art and colour and emotionally true characterisation. Perfect.

    The intervention of Saturnyne and the interaction she has with the Krakoans is really interesting. We're reminded of how powerful she is but are set up to see her as a foe to both sides. I love the idea of Monet considering taking Saturnyne's job one day. I can see her being bored one day and deciding to take over the Universe. Just because she thinks she'd be good at it. It's also wonderful to see Polaris and Havok presented as Krakoan leaders. They have both refused leadership and yet they seem destined to lead.

    Obviously at the time I read this issue the death of Rockslide was irrelevant. I didn't see it as significant. Rereading I find myself more shocked. Knowing the revelation that death in Otherworld is real changes this story.

    I liked the way that the SWORD plotline ran in and out of the issue. I have no particular feelings about SWORD as a concept but it's cleverly set up. I like the fact that the relationship between Scott, Jean, Nathan and Rachel feels much more organic than in X-Men 1. They feel like a family.

  • Damien Drouet-Whiter

    Overall I was impressed with this comic. I picked it up without having decided whether I was going to follow X of Tens but with this issue I decided to follow it. I very nearly dropped it after parts 3 & 4 but I ended up loving it.

    I genuinely think that Hickman and Howard work phenomenally well together. I think they have opposite strengths so they bolster each other. And the art is amazing. Pepe Larraz and Marte Gracia really excelled in this issue. They were amazing in House of X but this is even better. They really are the heroes of X of Tens. In fact I would give them an X out of X for the art. The story isn't quite as good but it makes me want to read on. Of course we know that the HOXPOXDOX era is better at set-up than delivery so there is some trepidation.

    Anyway until Saturnyne changes her name to SaturnIX, Make Mine X-Lapsed!


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