Morituri Mondays, Episode 27 – Strikeforce: Morituri #27 (3/89)

Morituri Mondays, Episode #27

Strikeforce: Morituri #27 (March, 1989)

“Tuolema’s Story”
Writer – James D. Hudnall
Pencils – Mark Bagley
Inks – Val Mayerik
Letters – Phil Felix
Colors – Max Scheele
Edits – Carl Potts
Chief – Tom DeFalco
Cover Price: $1.50 USD / $2 CAN / 50p UK

Release Date: November 1, 1988

Life After Wartime! Welcome, friends… to the first episode of Morituri Mondays since the Horde has been driven off-planet by the VXXians!

What ever will we have to talk about now?

Whatever happened to the Morituri Master?
Today, in the first “official” issue of James D. Hudnall’s “new direction”, we find out all about what’s been going on with Dr. Kimo Tuolema… and why he returned to Paideian employ.  Also, for the first time ever, we find out all about the origins of the Morituri formula… and see the Black Watch put through their paces!
Other topics discussed: Marvel’s New Mutants film (which one of the Chris’s saw, and the other didn’t), whether or not there is an added-value measure that might one day make digital comics “collectible”, Hollywood Squares alumnus (including and especially Jm. J. Bullock), snazzy Spider-Man jackets that definitely won’t get you tossed in a locker, VCR board games, rude noises, and much much more.  It’s a fun time as always… and, this might just be the last good “jumping on point” Strikeforce: Morituri gives us!
Handmaster Herdling’s YouTube Page:
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Back-Matter from this issue:

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